Analytics remedy bus bunching, curb operational costs

Analytics remedy bus bunching, curb operational costs

IBM helped Miami’s transportation planners analyze the busses’ paths, speed and stops to assess the accuracy of bus arrival predictions and provide bunching alerts.

Next-gen checkpoints: Integrating data for insights, efficiencies

In the near future threat metadata from detection reports, persons screened and baggage notes will be integrated to better forecast security threats and deliver operational efficiencies.

Power BI expands access to data sources

Power BI expands access to data sources

The newest version of Power BI, Microsoft’s cloud service that lets users create, analyze and share data visualizations includes connectors to a variety of cloud-based data sources, including, the main index of government open data.

Tech that helps flag fraudulent tax returns

Tech that helps flag fraudulent tax returns

Because tax fraud is pervasive, governments enlist identity verification technology to ensure refunds go to the correct taxpayer.

DOE pilots big data infrastructure projects

DOE pilots big data infrastructure projects

Science data pilot projects across the Department of Energy are using supercomputers and ESnet to explore new approaches for collecting, moving, sharing and analyzing massive scientific datasets.

Spark powers near-real-time big data

Spark fires up near-real-time big data

Rapid in-memory processing of distributed data is the “core capability” of Apache Spark, which enables the analysis of streaming big data.

Navy’s intell requires automated analytics

Navy’s intell requires automated analytics

The Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence is looking for automated analytics tools to help make data more accessible, discoverable and available to analysts more quickly after it is collected.

Federal Highway Administration seeks no-cost cloud for transportation data

FWHA seeks no-cost cloud for transportation data

Federal Highway Administration is looking for partners who can provide a no-cost option for transforming its datasets into an easy access, cloud-based format.

IoT apps coming to a city near you

IoT apps coming to a city near you

More than 30 teams are participating in the Global City Teams Challenge, pursuing projects related to integrating the Internet of Things into public safety, energy and transportation applications.

A simulated spatial distribution of disease risks, overlaid onto a Google base map of North America.

CyberGIS: infrastructure for massive geospatial data, processes

CyberGIS is a geospatial-specific infrastructure that manages, processes and visualizes massive and complex geospatial data, while performing associated analysis and simulation.

How big data tool experience tracks with tech salaries

Data analysts and engineers who know how to use the advanced, recently developed tools of big data typically can pull in high salaries.

Cheat sheet for the Internet of Things

Buckle up because the Internet of Things is about to take off fast. Here's a quick list of the basics of the new super network.

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