traffic camera

DOT investigates license plate readers for traffic safety

The John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center is conducting market research on the use of automated license plate readers as a way to improve traffic safety.

SCALE hardware

Anatomy of an IoT public safety application

How a technology team at a SmartAmerica Challenge built an Internet of Things prototype to create a sensor network for automating public housing safety alerts.

SCALE acronym looms above city

SCALE brings Internet of Things to public housing

A SmartAmerica Challenge project to build an emergency alert system for public housing turned into a case study on how to develop a working Internet of Things application.

Enterprise analytics: What IBM learned

Enterprise analytics: What IBM learned

In a new book, three IBM analytics experts examine how IBM has used analytics in enterprises around the world.

Data Logistics Toolkit delivers big data for analysis

Data Logistics Toolkit delivers big data for analysis

Developed university researchers, the toolkit simplifies ways users can sort and organize big data sets to provide faster access to the data most pertinent to their research.

Indiana data hub

Indiana data hub powers efficiency, data-driven solutions

The state of Indiana is developing a data hub to improve data efficiency across government, track the state's progress against key performance indicators and develop policy solutions.

Health networks show options for national data sharing

Health networks show options for national data sharing

Four public sector health data networks model the components of a future national health data sharing network, according to the policy journal Health Affairs.

Library of Congress plans geospatial search engine

Library of Congress plans geospatial search engine

LOC said it needs the ability to locate, inventory, audit, index and search for geospatial information.

Futuristic cityscape

NIST kicks off round 2 of SmartAmerica Challenge

The Global City Teams Challenge is a contest to develop advanced networking technologies to address critical community interests, including air quality, traffic management and emergency services coordination.

Huddle announces secure publishing, analytics platform

Huddle announces secure publishing, analytics platform

The company’s publishing platform will give agencies intelligence on enterprise content that will help them improve efficiency, increase security and reduce costs.

image analysis tools focus on rescuing exploited children

Improved image analysis tools speed exploited children cases

New image analysis law enforcement tools supported by the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children speed the review of evidence and help agencies focus on victims of child abuse.

NASA to develop metroplex flight planning, air traffic management tools

NASA to develop metroplex air traffic management tools

NASA awarded a $1.5 million small business contract to develop tools to optimize air traffic control systems given the complexities of growing aircraft and air traffic volumes.

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