Data analytics

Attunity offers a path to secure file sharing with Hadoop

Seamless integration lets organizations move data in and out of Hadoop for improved business intelligence and analytics.

Presidents desk

5 tech priorities for the new administration

Here are five technologies the new administration should keep on the presidential blotter.

Fairfax County, Va., land use application

Fairfax County land-use solution puts big data on the map

Fairfax County built a big data application that lets agencies efficiently manage the complex volume of unstructured data that currently exists and allows for real-time search.

Data analytics

How to make big data more useful, reliable – and fast

Splunk promises to analyze and visualize machine data stored in Hadoop to quickly spot trends and statistical patterns for real-time decision-making.


Text analytics ready for the heavy lifting of agencies' data mining

Agencies that deal with the public in any way -- and what agencies don't? -- should be using this data mining technology now, experts say, because they'll be doing a lot of it in the future.

Researchers in biohazard suits

Canary in a data mine: How analytics detects early signs of bio threats

A DHS-funded collaborative mines data from poison centers, EMS reports, population, health care infrastructure, social media and other sources.

NOAA computer model of Hurricane Sandy

How models got a complex storm like Sandy mostly right

Weather forecasting is still an inexact science, but modeling techniques and high-powered computers help NOAA accurately predict the track of storms such as Sandy.

Pilots in airliner cockpit

NASA applies deep-diving text analytics to airline safety

The agency's Aviation Safety Program analyzes incident reports from pilots, air traffic controllers and others to find trouble before it strikes.

Google data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Where is all that agency data coming from?

Big data, cloud computing and video are increasing demand for data storage among federal agencies, according to a recent study.

Data visualization

How DHS got its COPs on the same beat

The department's Common Operating Picture provides tools for broader situational awareness, including shared mapping, analytics and data visualization.

cloud computing keyboard

New analytics system built to handle geospatial intell

NetApp, Data Tactic offer geospatial intell community cloud-based advanced analytics and data storage system


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