2 virtualization worries that keep admins up at night

System downtime and slow application performance related to storage in virtualized environments are the primary concerns of IT administrators surveyed in a new report.

Energy project looks to tame supercomputing's tsunami of data

A new facility at DOE's Argonne National Laboratory will develop tools to extract knowledge from petabytes of data and help researchers use their time more efficiently.

Keys to big data in the brain, not the computer, former NSA exec says

Visualization and analytics will require cultural anthropologists and social scientists to help organizations understand how humans process information.

Atlantis looks to unclog VDI storage bottlenecks

Atlantis ILIO storage optimization technology offloads virtual desktop I/O traffic before it affects storage.

Crash analytics: How data can help eliminate highway deaths

Highway safety groups' strategy, called Toward Zero Deaths, is ambitious, but data analytics combined with the "Four Es" make it possible.

Former FBI cyber cop: Hunt the hacker, not the hack

Shawn Henry, former head of FBI's cyber crime team, says private-sector networks lack adequate defenses and require the same level of intelligence available to government networks.

Social media, crime fighter

Police can use social networks to spot trends, counter threats and communicate with the public. But it also has potential pitfalls, law enforcement officers say.

Energy lab releases open-source tool for tracking cyberattacks

Hone, a tool being developed at the Pacific Northwest National Lab, links network traffic with an application, making it easier to find the source of an IT compromise.

The path to outsmarting advanced cyberattacks

Analytics tools are available to detect attack patterns, but agencies need to take a few steps before gaining the confidence to act on the intelligence they provide.

Transparency group supports DATA Act, standardized reporting tools

The Data Transparency Coalition will lobby for passage of the DATA Act, which would make the Recovery.gov website a permanent portal for standardized reporting on all government spending.

Feds, states reaping benefits of going green, report says

Feds, states and businesses are reporting a 1 percent or more reduction in energy costs by implementing energy efficient solutions in data centers, according to CDW-G's 2012 Energy Efficiency IT Report.

Army shopping for total storage virtualization

The Army wants a storage virtualization system to support its data center consolidation plans, according to its notice on FedBizOpps.gov.

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