Integrated services? The cloud alone isn't enough.

Agencies will need to deploy cloud and service-oriented architectures together to achieve integrated services and greater information exchange across agencies and organizations, government and industry experts say.

Big data's target: Users

Government should follow the private sector's lead in making use of big data but focus on improving performance and efficiency "with less effort and pain," GSA's Dave McClure told a Washington audience.

White House launches $200M 'Big Data R&D' initiative

Six agencies, with more to follow, will work on ways to dig pertinent information out of the growing mountains of data.

Supercomputing takes new direction at Oak Ridge

The metamorphosis of Jaguar into Titan marks a new architecture design path, and it will give scientists a powerful new research tool.

Don't look now, but everybody (CIA, DHS, etc.) is watching

As social media analytics improves, the intelligence community and other agencies are monitoring the traffic on popular sites. But could they put privacy at risk?

Paul McCloskey

Government cloud gets personal -- and Siri-ous

When the government cloud meets the burgeoning consumer cloud, service to the citizen should look more like Siri to the citizen.

SAS' analytics software can extend big data's reach

Visual Analytics lets users analyze and visualize massive amounts of data in near-real time and share with others via the Web or iPad (and soon, Android) devices.

Microsoft donates image-matching tools to fight child porn trafficking

Microsoft will provide law enforcement agencies free image-matching tools to track and locate child porn traffickers.

Cloud-bound agencies must do their homework on security, accountability

Federal agencies stand to become more efficient by moving to a cloud-based model, but they need a plan for getting over institutional barriers, a panel of experts says.

Harvesting your data? Suit alleges there are lots of apps doing that.

A class-action lawsuit filed in an Austin, Texas, court the week of March 12 alleges some of the most-downloaded mobile apps are stealing personal information without users' knowledge. Just who is responsible? There are some pretty well known names, including but not limited to Facebook, Apple and Twitter.

5 reasons you'll have a personal cloud by 2014

With the spread of mobile devices and apps, the personal cloud will replace the personal computer at the center of users' digital lives, according to a report from Gartner.

How cloud can improve intell community's analyses

Cloud computing could revolutionize the intelligence community's analytical and big data processing capabilities, according to an INSA white paper.

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