Howe big science is cutting big data down to size

How science is cutting big data down to size

Researchers are developing set of data management tools that could be used across the scientific community.

VA recruits Watson analytics, cloud to fight PTSD

VA recruits Watson analytics, cloud to fight PTSD

Veterans Affairs launches a pilot project to test uses of IBM Watson analytics to help doctors sift electronic medical records to support clinical decision-making in treating PTSD.

Federal health IT wish list: more mobile, telehealth, analytics, open data

Health IT wish list: more mobile, telehealth, analytics, open data

National Coordinator for Health IT's draft five-year plan outlines expanded health information sharing through mobile, sensor and analytics technologies.

Apple, IBM debut analytics apps for government, business users

Apple, IBM debut mobile analytics apps for iOS

Apple and IBM unveiled IBM MobileFirst for iOS, the first apps from a joint venture designed to offer business-specific, cloud-supported data and analytics capabilities on Apple devices.

GSA outlines leading edge tech

GSA's wish list for leading edge tech

The General Services Administration has created a list of developing technologies that could be incorporated into GSA's Alliant I and Alliant II government-wide acquisition contracts.

Smart city platform aggregates, maps open data

Smart city platform aggregates, maps open data

Plenario lets users assemble information from open data portals and analyze it via a single spatial and temporal index, making it possible to do complex analysis with one query.

Tableau puts real-time data modeling on the dashboard

Tableau puts real-time data modeling in the dashboard

Tableau’s business intelligence tools enable near-real-time “what if” data visualizations and allow users to share analytics in a collaborative environment.

NSA releases open source tool for high-volume data flows

NSA releases open source tool for high-volume data flows

The National Security Agency released an open source software product that automates data flows among multiple computer networks, even when data formats and protocols differ.

After 25 years, Census TIGER data still in demand

After 25 years, Census TIGER data still in demand

Developed for the 1990 population count, the Census Bureau’s TIGER data sets are still in demand as geospatial base data for new government and commercial mapping programs and applications.

Keys to effective open data portals

4 habits of highly effective open data portals

Data analysis software and other business intelligence tools can help create an open data portal that is both compelling and transparent, while saving time and money.

NGA on campaign to expand Map of the World

NGA on campaign to expand Map of the World

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency awarded 10 contracts this year in a $1.1 billion drive to expand its geospatial resources and build a one-stop shop for data and apps for the military and intelligence communities.

Dell, CGI tee up cloud-based enterprise services

Dell and CGI announced a joint venture to offer virtual desktop, business analytics and identity management services to government and enterprise customers.

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