A rendering of the Sierra supercomputer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

DOE invests $425 million in next-gen supercomputing

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz announced two new high-performance computing awards to put the nation on a fast-track to next generation exascale computing.

How the FBI plans to manage crowdsourced video

How the FBI plans to manage crowdsourced video

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking for a citizen-facing system to help with ingesting, cataloging and routing image and video content submitted by the public.

NYPA New York Energy Manager control center

Energy hub to improve efficiency in NY public buildings

The New York Energy Manager will provide real-time energy use and trending data for 3,000 state government buildings.

NIST lays out roadmap for cloud computing

NIST lays out roadmap for cloud computing

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released its Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap, a set objectives for the accelerated adoption of cloud computing in government.

Ways you can help secure the Internet of Things

8 ways you can help secure the Internet of Things

Government IT managers can help protect their agencies, its devices and the critical infrastructure by ensuring security is baked into connected systems.

Big Data to Knowledge

NIH invests $32 million to crack big data

The funding will support development of new approaches, software, tools and training programs to improve access to biomedical big data.

Agencies bring energy modeling out of the lab

Agencies bring energy modeling out of the lab

Armed with increasing amounts of data and computing power, agencies are building tools to inform decisions on energy efficiency.

Brown Dog deep web search

Brown Dog digs into the deep, dark web

A team at the University of Illinois has developed tools to search the unstructured web that will make uncurated data accessible to researchers.

High performance computing visualization at NREL

NSF seeks big data middleware for scientific computing

The National Science Foundation is funding development of middleware that would integrate high performance computing and commercial big data analytics tools.

The Cray XC40 supercomputer and Cray CS400 cluster supercomputer

DOD orders up more supercomputing power

Supercomputer company Cray won a $26 million contract from the Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program.

How hybrid analytics can mitigate insider threats

How hybrid analytics can mitigate insider threats

Because no single approach can detect every threat, hybrid analytics can help IT managers uncover hidden, suspicious activities and see the bigger picture.


Partnership to deliver advanced infrastructure for researchers

A partnership between the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads and Bytegrid Holdings will provide a secure, advanced infrastructure platform for the research and education community across the mid-Atlantic region.

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