Partnership to deliver advanced infrastructure for researchers

A partnership between the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads and Bytegrid Holdings will provide a secure, advanced infrastructure platform for the research and education community across the mid-Atlantic region.

BU building SCOPE smart city platform for the cloud

Boston University building smart city platform for the cloud

Boston University’s smart-city cloud platform is designed to use cloud and big data technologies to improve transportation, energy, public safety, asset management and social services in the City of Boston and across Massachusetts.

Aspera touts data transfers with no limit on size, distance

Aspera touts data transfers with no limit on size, distance

Aspera offers WAN optimization tools to stream data of any type, resolution or size to and from cloud systems.

Watson returns with mission to make analytics easier

Watson returns with mission to make analytics easier

IBM introduced Watson Analytics, a new service for its Watson platform designed to ease the technical requirements and data grooming needed for advanced analytics.

Sandia software models energy consumption for large institutions

Sandia models energy consumption for large institutions

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have developed software that models energy consumption, information that can help the lab and other large institutions cut energy needs.

Seattle police deploy SeaStat crime mapping tech

Seattle police deploy SeaStat crime mapping tech

The Seattle Police Department is using its crime data as part of a new program that’s aimed at quickly addressing crime hotspots based on analysis of crime data and community reports of incidents.

traffic camera

DOT investigates license plate readers for traffic safety

The John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center is conducting market research on the use of automated license plate readers as a way to improve traffic safety.

SCALE hardware

Anatomy of an IoT public safety application

How a technology team at a SmartAmerica Challenge built an Internet of Things prototype to create a sensor network for automating public housing safety alerts.

SCALE acronym looms above city

SCALE brings Internet of Things to public housing

A SmartAmerica Challenge project to build an emergency alert system for public housing turned into a case study on how to develop a working Internet of Things application.

Enterprise analytics: What IBM learned

Enterprise analytics: What IBM learned

In a new book, three IBM analytics experts examine how IBM has used analytics in enterprises around the world.

Data Logistics Toolkit delivers big data for analysis

Data Logistics Toolkit delivers big data for analysis

Developed university researchers, the toolkit simplifies ways users can sort and organize big data sets to provide faster access to the data most pertinent to their research.

Indiana data hub

Indiana data hub powers efficiency, data-driven solutions

The state of Indiana is developing a data hub to improve data efficiency across government, track the state's progress against key performance indicators and develop policy solutions.

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