14 ways to secure controlled info in nonfederal systems

14 ways to secure controlled info in nonfederal systems

NIST’s 14-point draft guidance covers the federal information used for scientific research, background investigations or technology development in systems belonging to contractors, state and local governments and universities.

Entrust offers agencies smart card management from the cloud

Entrust offers agencies smart-card management from the cloud

Entrust Datacard released a console that lets agencies produce a single unified identity credential for each person associated with an agency, delivered as a service.

Dell, CGI tee up cloud-based enterprise services

Dell and CGI announced a joint venture to offer virtual desktop, business analytics and identity management services to government and enterprise customers.

8 steps to reducing unauthorized software

8 ways to reduce unauthorized software

Unauthorized software not only increases the attack surface for adversaries, but it also hampers IT managers’ ability to fully secure their assets. Here are eight ways to get unauthorized software under control.

Police can store body-cam video in secure Azure cloud

Police can store body-cam video in secure Azure cloud

A partnership between Microsoft and VIEVU, a manufacturer of police body cameras, will let officers transfer their videos to Microsoft’s soon-to-be-released Azure Government Cloud.

6 tips for open source adoption

6 tips for adopting open source

Introducing open source code doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. But ensuring security is key.

Apps not safe for work? NIST guide to vetting third-party apps

Apps not safe for work? NIST drafts guide for checking

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s guide will help agencies evaluate commercial mobile applications that agency workers might use on government-issued devices or personal apps that access government networks.

DHS eyes next-generation biometric matching technologies

DHS eyes next-generation biometric matching technologies

The Homeland Security Department calls for information on emerging technologies that would help government keep up with the latest developments in biometric matching.

10 ways to recharge cybersecurity ops centers

10 ways to recharge cybersecurity ops centers

Mitre Corp. cybersecurity engineer Carson Zimmerman spells out ways government security operations centers can regain advantages against increasingly sophisticated adversaries.

Code checking leads to sea change in Navy programming

Code checking leads to sea change in Navy programming

The Navy has been able to troubleshoot and repair programming errors before software is deployed using HP’s Fortify Software Security Center product.

Cybersecurity partnership adds muscle to analytics toolset

Cybersecurity partnership adds muscle to analytics toolset

Cybersecurity provider Centripetal Networks partners with ThreatTrack to enhance its RuleGate attack visualization tools.

unauthorized file transfers

Are your file sharing tools leaking data?

Data leakage from negligent file sharing and information collaboration practices is as significant a risk as outright data theft, according to a Ponemon Institute Survey.

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