New York City Police Department call center

Phone-DOS attacks in extortion scam target gov offices

Government offices, including Public Safety Answering Points, are being flooded with calls to block phone lines in an extortion scam that shows how easy such attacks can be, according to a DHS alert.

Soldier using smartphone to access Army mobile sites

Mobile devices run amok in the Army, report says

DOD's inspector general says the Army is "unaware" of some 14,000 smart phones and tablets, many of them unmanaged and unsecure.

Fixmo Secure Gesture password technology

Better than a password? Write with your finger.

For iOS and Android devices, Secure Gesture from Fixmo and Lockheed Martin lets users log in with a touch-screen gesture that can be almost impossible to duplicate.

FIPS 140 2 validated TrustChip for Trustcall on iPhone

TrustCall brings fully encrypted voice to the iPhone

With the FIPS 140-2 validated TrustChip, KoolSpan's solution is the first hardware-encrypted security for the iPhone 4 series.

Cyber attack on network

Why is Java so risky? 77 percent of agencies run unsupported versions

Three quarters of government computers are running unsupported versions of Java, according to a Websense analysis, leaving them vulnerable to a long list of malicious exploits.

Data numbers binary

Can NASA vet all material in its shuttered tech database?

NASA closed down its Technical Reports Server for review after the arrest of a suspected spy and a congressman’s concern over the potential availability of sensitive documents.

Fingerprint electronic matching AFIS

Law enforcement, NIST making fingerprint files easier to search

Group has developed a standard features set to use for fingerprint identification, and NIST now has the technical specs to make searches interoperable.

HIPAA compliance monitoring of USF health system

Compliance tool the cure for university's health records

The new Compliance Software Blade lets USF Health easily answer the question, "How are we doing on compliance?"

Man with suitcase chasing train

Why the public sector is still catching up with proactive cybersecurity

If agencies are to stop being reactive in addressing cybersecurity, they must first change the way security is implemented on the ground floor.

Firewall fire in front of brick wall

Next-generation firewalls are actually getting better

Firewall vendors are stepping up to improve performance and fix problems, according to the results of the most recent comparative tests conducted by NSS Labs.

Aegis Secure Key

Tamper-proof key drive gets Level 3 validation

The Aegis Secure Key, with a numeric keypad and 256-bit AES encryption, meets the standards for FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

Man repairing an exposed wall

Agencies' security efforts stall, report says

OMB's FISMA report says performance varied widely among agencies, though there was progress in three key areas.

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