Businessman on stone steps with mobile background

The 4 levels of authentication in a mobile world

The growing use of remote devices to access government resources spurs NIST to revise its guide on how to select the right authentication technology for groups of users.

Investigators looking at cellphone

Forensics tool helps police crack suspects' cell phones

Paraben's Device Seizure 6 can break passwords, track where a phone has been and map the complete file system, including deleted data.

Computer security

'Substantial' changes ahead for federal cybersecurity controls

NIST's updated catalog of security controls addresses new threats and lets agencies adapt baseline controls to meet their specific needs.

Complex gear system in cloud

Authentication with cloud, BYOD: It's complicated

The growth of IT services across the enterprise makes identifying users complex, but three government efforts aim to standardize and simplify access control.

Single sign on man handing over key

Single sign-on, trusted identities move closer to reality

As government pilots work out the details cross-platform authentication, ID systems by Google and Microsoft offer a preview of how they would work.

Network security via password

FCC improved its security after breach, but did it move too fast?

After a September 2011 data breach, FCC rushed to enhance security, but ignored security management practices and created unnecessary risks in its IT systems, GAO says.

Man using crowbar to break into house

Penetration testing: Pros and cons of attacking your own network

Pen-testing, or red-teaming, can be an indispensable tool for discovering and correcting network security weaknesses, but if not done right, things can go terribly wrong.

Mask of human head with bar code

Is there a uniform way to handle online identities?

NIST proposes a model for maintaining and revoking user identities in an increasingly complex online world.

Internet cafe in China

Attack traffic from China takes a great leap forward

Cyberattack traffic originating in China took a sharp jump in late 2012, according to the latest analysis of activity on Akamai’s global content delivery network.

Concept of identity verification people holding checkmarks in front of their faces

USPS to pilot cloud-based federal ID credential hub

The Postal Service has been tapped to build a pilot identity credential hub that would simplify secure access for citizens to online government services.

Data visualization

Know the 4 denial of service types that can threaten the Domain Name System

DNS' openness leaves it vulnerable to a variety of denial of service techniques, from brute-force floods to sophisticated recursive attacks.

Man with umbrella sheltering woman from storm

9 steps that help defend against DDOS

Most experts agree that you can't do it all by yourself, but there are practical measures agencies can take to shore up their networks against denial of service attacks.

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