High-stakes poker

Cyber forecast for 2013: 4 areas where the stakes are raised

As defenses get better and the bad guys get more creative, the threats will become more complex and the risks greater in the coming year.

Identity verification

Agencies could get a cloud hub for trusted identities

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is considering commercial cloud services for authenticating third-party credentials of users accessing government websites.

People checking cellphones

Total on-the-job control of Android devices?

Software being developed by Optio Labs would control data access and app use depending on location, time of day, other apps in use and even who you’re with.

Secure keypad on digital map of world

5 programs break down the elements of an identity ecosystem

Groups will run a variety of pilots for trusted identities covering areas ranging from first-responder authentication and secure business transactions to the exchange of health care information.

Person drowning in sea

Where's the lifeboat? Cyber pros struggle in a sea of cyber threats

With threats on the rise and skills at a premium, how do cybersecurity personnel close the technology and resource gaps?

Man taking off a mask

Technologies for trusted online identities put to the test

NSTIC is funding five pilot programs that mark a major step toward creating a digital identity ecosystem to enable greater online transactions by government and the private sector.

Doctor using smart phone

HHS prescribes 11 basic steps for securing mobile devices

With an eye toward protecting patient privacy, HHS offers tools for keeping health data protected on mobile devices -- advice that any public-sector agency could follow.

Good Techology Corp. Vault iphone sleeve

Good Vault wears iPhone security on its sleeve

Good Technology's product fits over an iPhone 4 or 4s and contains a smart-card or microSD reader for two-factor authentication.

Dictionary entry for technology

NIST updates, expands glossary of security terms

A list of information security terms from federal documents is being updated by NIST to provide a central resource of common terms and definitions.

Dual authentication with one-time password

Dual passwords can keep phishers at bay

The all-too-easy hack of South Carolina's Department of Revenue could have been prevented by a dual-password system. How does it work?

Video surveillance control room

Boca Raton adds smarts to surveillance network

The Florida city is building out a city-wide digital video surveillance system and is using a management system to integrate feeds so police can get real-time views of the city.

Enterprise encryption management

SecureDoc 6.1 takes encryption to mobile devices

Suite lets administrators manage rules and encryption profiles of notebooks and smart phones from a single console.

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