Presidents desk

5 tech priorities for the new administration

Here are five technologies the new administration should keep on the presidential blotter.


Agencies join effort to promote use of critical controls for cybersecurity

An international organization is being formed with members including the DOD, DHS and NSA to coordinate the development of critical controls for cybersecurity and promote their use by government and industry.

Biometric fingerprint

Are your biometrics up to snuff? Free suite tests for compliance

NIST's software test suite helps to assure that biometric applications conform to NIST standards for the exchange of biometric data.

Global network

In cyber's 'pre-9-11 moment,' intell agencies turn to automation

In the face of tight technology budgets, the intelligence community will focus on cyber security, research and workforce development, said Stephanie O'Sullivan of ODNI.

Continuous monitoring

Proactive, continuous monitoring key to thwarting cyber crime

Cyber warfare is here and if we don't shift the way we think and strengthen our defenses, we will pay the price down the line, writes Jim Flyzik.

High Orbit Ion Canon

Hackers' new super weapon adds firepower to DDOS

The High Orbit Ion Canon, easy enough for a user of any skill level, unleashes powerful DDOS attacks that can be hard to detect and stop.

Secure login

The 25 worst passwords of 2012, and easy ways to avoid them

The most common passwords are also the most obvious, which makes them the easiest to crack, according to SplashData's annual list. It doesn't have to be that way.

Metasploit screen shot

How zero-day exploits can improve security

The Metasploit Framework can be used for good or ill, but its purpose is to give the good guys the same tools the bad guys are already using.

DIA Multi Domain Dissemination System

DIA message system slashes clearance-level red tape

Two-stage DIA protocol preps documents to move at 'moment's notice' across separate security domains.

ICS industrial control system

Kaspersky Labs plans industrial control OS to fend off Stuxnet-like malware

A secure, bare-bones operating system designed strictly for industrial systems could protect critical infrastructure, the founder of the Russian company says.

bank cyber security

Hackers fleece a city account as cyberattacks focus on banks

The theft of $400,000 from a Burlington, Wash., account handling employee payroll and some citizen payments comes on the heels of warnings that U.S. banks were being targeted.

Maryland online voter registration

Report: 2 states' online registration systems vulnerable to hackers, fraud

Flaws in the voter databases in Mayland and Washington state would allow hackers to effectively prevent people from voting, the New York Times reports.

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