army seeks support for XP devices

Army seeks alternative for Windows XP support

According to a recent RFI, the Army will be ending its support contract with Microsoft but wants to ensure it can still avoid security vulnerabilities on its 8,000 Microsoft Windows XP devices.

solid password advice from an unexpected source

'Passwerd' is bad. Try 'Margaretthatcheris110%sexy'

Some solid password advice from an unexpected source.

'Polymorphic' botnet draws international attention

Beebone, or AAEH, allows multiple forms of malware to compromise security on a wide range of operating systems.

What two-factor authentication could really accomplish in government

What two-factor authentication could really accomplish in government

An upgrade to a chip-and-PIN cards for Social Security, Medicare and employment verification would enhance personal privacy, secure identities and prevent fraud.

Built-in security enables cyber resilience

Built-in security enables cyber resilience

Agencies need to protect systems from software vulnerabilities that compromise availability, integrity and security.

General Dynamics

General Dynamics' high-speed encryptor now NSA certified

Providing end-to-end 10 gigbit/sec throughput speed, General Dynamics Mission Systems' TACLANE-10G secures information classified Top Secret and below over government and commercial networks.

Get ready for wearables

Get ready for wearables

Though we may be years away from significant adoption, it’s important for government agencies to begin incorporating wearables into their security planning now.

How hard is it to permanently delete data?

How hard is it to permanently delete data?

Even though Hillary Clinton deleted her email, experts can probably recover it.

Air gap vulnerabilities

Researchers show air-gapped systems susceptible to attack

Air-gapped systems, thought to be the most secure because of their isolation, have newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Internet voting not secure enough

Online voting still faces security issues

Suggestions for tech-based solutions for voting and elections may sound practical, but they are certain security hazards.

FirstNet needs cyber safeguards

Public-safety answering points and other 911 service providers need cybersecurity professionals and continuity plans in case of cyber disasters.

How agencies can tighten personnel security

How agencies can tighten personnel security

With integrated electronic systems, agencies can better control their personnel security.

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