Defense IT

DOD considering BlackBerry iOS and Android devices

DOD's mobile plan still calls for multiple platforms

The department says its management plan calls for supporting multiple devices, despite a report that it would drop BlackBerry for Apple devices.

Mobile devices on camouflage background

Step two of DOD's mobile strategy outlines pilot projects

The recently released Commercial Mobile Device Implementation Plan lists a range of pilots that could have an impact on the goals of the Mobile Device Strategy.

USS Kearsarge

Navy's ship-to-ship communications go 4G

The Naval Air Systems Command is testing an LTE network for high-bandwidth ship-to-ship communications.

Marines with mobile phones and devices

DOD plan for mobile not BYOD-ready

The department recognizes the need to keep its workforce "relevant" and plans to accommodate Android, Apple and BlackBerry devices, but security concerns keep personal devices out of the picture, for now.

Smartphone with SCOE mobile logo

Army team sets a standard for developing mobile learning apps

Having developed 77 apps since 2009, the Sustainment Center of Excellence team offers some lessons learned.

Virginia Tech Wu Feng with supercomputer HokieSpeed

Air Force project could 'transform' supercomputing

Virginia Tech team plans multidisciplinary approach to low-power computing in simulating tiny unmanned aircraft.

QinetiQ Integrated Warrior System

For soldiers, a wearable data hub managed via smart phone

QinetiQ's Integrated Warrior System lets warfighters use a smart phone or other computer to run a variety of situational-awareness systems.

Prostesters in street

Intell tool would track social media like a virus

E-MEME, being developed for the Office of Naval Research, would apply epidemiological principles to public sentiment in order to predict protests, uprisings or even attacks.

Military helicopters in the clouds

DARPA takes multipronged approach to securing military's cloud

As DOD moves into cloud computing, pilots and projects look to assess risk and develop multiple layers of network defense.

Raytheon Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System - JLENS

Airborne sensor system foils simulated IED attack

The long-range JLENS system, held aloft on tethered aerostats and usually used for missile defense, shows it can keep track of what's going on below, too.

Army computer users

Windows 8 gains a foothold in government with DOD deal

The new OS, with secure features seemingly made for government, will get its chance to perform with the Army, Air Force and DISA.

SeeMe satellite coverage

DARPA plans small satellites that can provide images on-demand

The agency's SeeMe program would send images directly to warfighters' handheld devices, representing another step in the evolution of satellite technology.

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