Defense IT

NSA delves into next level of data analysis

An agency pilot program pursues data provenance, which seeks to trace the origins, accuracy and life cycle of the data NSA collects.

Analytics fuels Air Force efforts on preventive health care

The Air Force Medical Service is implementing SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics software to improve operational and clinical decision support.

Researchers find 'proof' of Flame-Stuxnet link

Kaspersky Lab says an early Stuxnet version used code from Flame; separate research reveals "world-class" crypto behind Flame's attack.

Defense, intell heavyweights urge Senate action on cyber bills

Saying that the window of opportunity to pass critical legislation is quickly disappearing, seven former Pentagon, Homeland Security and intelligence officials urged Senate leaders to bring cybersecurity legislation to the floor.

Should domestic drone regs be loosened?

FAA regulations, including a requirement that UAS operators maintain a visual line of sight with the aircraft, are slowing scientific uses of technology, say developers.

Latest in Army training: How to write your own apps

As a part of its broader mobile device efforts, the Army has begun training efforts to teach soldiers how to write their own apps and then make them available for download.

Does US role in Stuxnet raise the risk of domestic cyberattack?

Confirmation that the United States was behind the Stuxnet attack on Iran sheds light on the broadening pattern of international cyber espionage and renews questions about the country's own cyber defenses.

Flame's unique trick: Using Bluetooth to spy on victims

The recently identified Flamer malware appears to be the first to use Bluetooth as a tool for keeping tabs on its victims, researchers say.

DISA to begin pilot programs of DOD mobile network

The agency is building the architecture for the Defense Department's mobile network and expects to have it at least partly up and running by the end of the year.

Pentagon to update rules for using commercial social media sites

Reported new policy comes after a recent hack showed the potential vulnerabilities in sites with user-generated content.

Popular DOD desktop app ready for mobile devices

A DOD desktop-based tool that lets users set up and join meetings on the go is available as a mobile app for Android smart phones and tablets.

Analysis of social site hack: Are risks too great for gov workers?

Imperva's reconstruction of the MilitarySingles hack shows the inherent risks of user-generated content and asks if government needs a "higher standard" for social networking.