Defense IT

Air Force aims to unify robot aircraft controls

The Air Force is doing more with less by developing control and sensor systems that work across many platforms and reduce the number of unmanned aircraft systems and controllers needed for operations.

Spear-phishing campaign targets gov addresses taken in Stratfor hack

E-mail addresses posted after a hack of intell analysis company Stratfor are being used in a spear-phishing campaign targeting its subscribers.

Google closes in on Motorola Mobility acquisition

Both companies have been playing a part in the military's move toward smart phones.

Where does the IT money go in 2013 budget proposal?

Obama's 2013 budget proposal aims to cut federal IT but increase its use when it makes government more efficient. Here's where 10 departments stand.

Cybersecurity research gets boost in 2013 budget request

Cybersecurity is identified as a priority for basic research in the president's budget request for fiscal 2013, with large investments proposed for DOD, DHS and NSF.

CE Secure Vault

Key drives a security risk? Not when they're made like this.

The CE-Secure Vault from CMS Products will keep data in transit safe from both the elements and hackers.

Could NSA's whitelisting approach to security catch on in government?

Protecting systems by blocking everything but approved apps has been difficult to manage, but NSA's approach could provide a template.

US energy systems have disaster written all over them

Bringing new, localized sources of energy online in a smart grid would help to create a resilient, independent energy system and could foil potential cyberattacks to boot.

IoSafe rugged drive

This drive gives 'crush resistant' new meaning

The ioSafe Rugged Portable Drive will withstand punishment beyond what is needed for MIL-STD 801 G certification.

Algiz laptop

Tiny but tough, rugged ALGx-P01 notebook can accompany you up the mountain

The ALGx-P01 rugged notebook from the Handheld Group acts like a handheld device with a full keyboard, with all the advantages and limitations that implies.

GETAC X500 Rugged Notebook

Getac rugged notebook is large and in charge

The 12.5 pound Getac X500 Ultra Rugged Notebook suits users who need feature-rich options for the harshest conditions.

More drones coming to airspace near you?

Keep your eyes on the skies. A bill working its way through Congress could dramatically increase the number of drones allowed in U.S. airspace.