Defense IT

Is military ruggedization going, going, gone?

Formal ruggedization practices and procedures were once a necessity for the battlefield, but are they still essential for a military that increasingly relies on commercial-off-the-shelf computing and communications gear? Perhaps not.

DOD's 3 challenges in protecting cyber infrastructure

House and Senate budget hearings focused on defining DOD's role in defending a largely civilian cyberspace, and on the challenge of recruiting and retaining the workforce it needs.

DARPA: Dump passwords for always-on biometrics

The agency's Active Authentication program would analyze typing patterns and other behavioral traits so that a user's ID is continuously being confirmed.

Army opens an app store for iOS devices

The Army Software Marketplace prototype is a first step toward developing and delivering mobile apps to soldiers quickly.

Social media falls short in DARPA's CLIQR challenge

Nobody claimed the grand prize in the quest to test the potential effectiveness of social media during a disaster.

Navy's 'Hunger Games' lab will put robots to survival tests

The multiclimate LASR research facility features desert, rain forest and other environments for testing robots and unmanned vehicles in harsh climes.

More satellites means more SATCOM gridlock

The rapid global growth of satellite operators is causing substantial interference problems, experts say.

Want to be a cyber pro? DOD might have a scholarship for you.

The Information Assurance Scholarship Program provides full rides for graduate and undergraduate students, and military and civilian DOD employees, in exchange for commitments to stay with DOD.

Military's leased satellites: Is there a better way?

The ways DOD pays for and manages its leased civilian satellite communications networks are inefficient and needlessly expensive, one industry official says.

China suspected in Facebook scam against NATO officers

A fake profile for NATO's senior commander lured other officers into accepting a friend request, compromising personal information in the process.

DARPA challenge: Program satellites to salvage space tech

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency challenged programmers to help harvest valuable components from retired satellites still orbiting the Earth.

Big data's big question: Where are the data scientists?

The move to big data requires a different skill set, experts say, as they try to define the role of data officer or data scientist.