Defense IT

DOD wants in on protecting civilian infrastructure

Defense Deputy Secretary Ashton B. Carter calls for support of greater info sharing between government and the private sector at the 2012 RSA Conference.

DARPA's $40K 'quest' tests social media's ability to help in emergency

The CLIQR Quest Challenge asks participants to use their social media skills to locate QR codes that represent resources crews would need in an emergency.

Which is the bigger threat, missiles or hackers?

In a study on cybersecurity attitudes, one-third of security officials rated computer security higher than missile defense.

Could you continue to operate under cyberattack?

In the cybersecurity world, the military model of mitigating damage when operating in degraded conditions is increasingly applicable.

DARPA wants high-bandwidth communications without infrastructure

The Defense Department's research arm is developing new methods to provide cell tower-grade communications to warfighters, even in remote and rugged areas.

'Janitor satellite' would clean up space junk

The Swiss Space Center's CleanSpace One project aims to help sweep the orbital paths of dangerous debris, but let's hope it's not one piece at a time.

Army's mobile comm system gains field experience before NIE

The Army's WIN-T program is using recent exercises in New Mexico to ready itself for a major evaluation this spring.

Anonymous gets NSA's attention, promises regular Friday attacks

The hacker collective plans regular strikes against government and corporate sites, while NSA's chief reportedly is concerned the group could soon be capable of attacking the power grid.

Bipartisan cyber bill now the center of partisan turf war

Sen. Joe Lieberman's attempt to strike the "right balance" draws the ire of Sen. John McCain and other GOP leaders, who are planning their own bill.

Air Force aims to unify robot aircraft controls

The Air Force is doing more with less by developing control and sensor systems that work across many platforms and reduce the number of unmanned aircraft systems and controllers needed for operations.

Spear-phishing campaign targets gov addresses taken in Stratfor hack

E-mail addresses posted after a hack of intell analysis company Stratfor are being used in a spear-phishing campaign targeting its subscribers.

Google closes in on Motorola Mobility acquisition

Both companies have been playing a part in the military's move toward smart phones.