Defense IT

Nett Warrior

DOD tech demo moves battlefield intell to the tip of the spear

Agile Bloodhound showed what combination of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance could be used to deliver tactical intelligence to front-line troops.


DOD wants you ... to browse its visual library

The Department of Defense aims to bring its entire declassified photo and media library online within the next five years with T3Media's enterprise-scale video management platform.

Cyber Flag

Cyber Flag exercises sharpen DOD cyber operations and defense

Cyber pros from across the military hone their skills against a realistic adversary on a closed network in an 11-day U.S. Cyber Command exercise.

DARPA vacuum tube based amplifier

DARPA innovation could spawn ultra-fast wireless nets, sensors that see through clouds

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency researchers have broken a barrier in the use of solid-state electronics that could lead to gigabit-speed networks and sensors that see through clouds.

Army User Jury

'User jury' helps Army improve future battle command system

The Army is setting up a three-day event to gather feedback from soldiers on the performance of its next generation battle command system.


DLT builds Navy new portal to manage Oracle tools

Department of Navy Oracle BPA buyers now have simplified reporting, secure online license tracking and time-saving benefits.


DLA using botanical DNA to prevent tech counterfeiting

The Defense Logistics Agency is using botanical DNA marking technology to battle a rise in counterfeit electronic parts and devices.


Customs secures detention facility with wireless, video, PIV access

The Customs and Border Patrol found a low-cost, high-performance way to securely manage access control for temporary detainees using standard PIV cards.


Dashboards help Army 'follow the money' in a war zone

The Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer develops a suite of software tools to bring contracting transparency to the Army Central Command in the Afghanistan.


MilConnect puts military benefits all in one place

The revamped milConnect website provides a central source for active and retired military personnel and dependents to manage benefits and services.

Businessman examining code

NSA's reported tampering could change how crypto standards are made

NIST has begun a formal review of its processes for developing cryptographic standards in the wake of reports that the NSA, its partner in crypto development, inserted a backdoor into specs for generating crypto keys.


After delays, DISA extends Google email pilot

The program, which had been delayed by spending cuts and furloughs, is testing if DOD users can connect to commercial cloud services while maintaining security through CAC authentication.