State CIOs get advice on drones

State CIOs get nudge on drone policies

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers tells state officials to put unmanned aerial systems on their radar.

Building the next-gen transportation network

Building the next-gen transportation network

Future mobility depends on having the openness and flexibility needed to build a better urban network.

Virtual training: Next best thing to being there

Virtual training: Next best thing to being there

NASA uses virtual reality training to prep astronauts for space, and the Marines reimagine their live training environments with augmented reality.

Is swipe technology the future of authentication?

Is swipe technology the future of authentication?

The technology lets users unlock devices based on the patterns of their swipe on a touchscreen.

smart computers on the battlefield

Smart computers for the battlefield

But researchers are developing tools to improve man-machine interfaces -- to the benefit of both.

3d printed model of a baby

DIY bio now possible via 3D Print Exchange

The National Institutes of Health’s open source platform lets users search, download and share biomedical 3D print files, tutorials and educational materials.

 Is ‘sentient data’ the future of battlefield comm?

Is ‘sentient data’ the future of battlefield comm?

Implanted sensor systems could transmit information among soldiers and systems both.

brain computer interface helps humans identify ocean mines

The cyborg approach to spotting mines at sea

Researchers tested a new system that combines computer algorithms with a brain-computer interface to help humans more quickly identify underwater mines.

IARPA, IBM lay foundation for quantum computing

IARPA, IBM lay foundation for quantum computing

IBM scientists say they have solved a crucial problem in quantum computing, just in time for an upcoming IARPA event on the subject.

Spike turns smartphones into remote-measuring tools

Spike turns smartphones into remote-measuring tools

ikeGPS Spike offers emergency-response managers a new mobile tool for making rapid in-the-field measurements that can easily be integrated into responders’ databases.

Bodyprint uses ear scans for authentication

Unlock your phone with your ear

Researchers at Yahoo have developed a biometric authentication system that uses the whole touchscreen as the image sensor and verifies biometrics with low-resolution scans.

Chris Estes, State Chief Information Officer, North Carolina (moderator) Eric Ellis, Chief Technology Officer, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, State of North Carolina & Director, North Carolina Innovation Center  Bill Oates, Commonwealth Chief Information Officer, Massachusetts David Fletcher, Chief Technology Officer, Utah

'How do we adopt new technology? Painfully'

State IT leaders discuss the realities of implementing innovative tech.

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