Einstein was wrong? Fire up the Falcon!

Everything you thought you knew about the universe might be wrong — and that's all right.

A tablet with a no-touch touch screen

Portico uses cameras to let the tablet interact with surrounding objects and movements.

Space junk problem: Is a solar-sail ship the answer?

NASA is planning to test a large solar sail that could be used to navigate the upper atmosphere to clean up orbital debris.

Solar-powered processor raises new possibilities

An experimental Intel processor requires such low levels of energy that it can run on nothing but sunlight.

Fill 'er up: NASA project would beam power to spacecraft

The project, dubbed “Ride the Light,” aims to develop inexpensive, modular power beaming to provide on-demand power for aerospace craft and other applications.

Dr. Watson? How IBM system can improve diagnosis, treatment.

The system's deep search and analysis ability can help doctors quickly sift through mountains of data in multiple databases.

Mobile devices will drive global Web use by 2015

Worldwide access to the Internet will hit 40 percent by 2015, with the manner in which it is accessed shifting drastically, particularly in the United States.

AMD processor goes to extremes, gets Guinness World Record

An AMD-assembled team of overclocking mad scientists ran the FX CPU up to 8.429 GHz, while cooling it with liquid helium. What does it mean for the average user?

A cloaking device for tanks? Sort of.

BAE is using hexagonal plates called “pixels” that can mask the heat signature of the object they are mounted on.

Hyper-V hypes up Windows 8 release

Microsoft has confirmed that its Hyper-V hypervisor will be part of Windows 8, though little else is known about the operating system.

Marines find that going green has military value, too

More efficient systems and solar-powered devices at forward bases can help save energy, money and, at times, even lives.

NSA's open-source project aims for secure, large-scale storage

The agency has submitted its label-based Accumulo software to the Apache Incubator, asking for developer contributions.

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