Wi-Fi-based pay phones in New York City

NYC transforms pay phones into Wi-Fi network

New York City will install multi-function, Wi-Fi-based phone kiosks across the city offering free gigabit Wi-Fi and free domestic calls across the United States.

Entrust offers agencies smart card management from the cloud

Entrust offers agencies smart-card management from the cloud

Entrust Datacard released a console that lets agencies produce a single unified identity credential for each person associated with an agency, delivered as a service.

5G wireless networking explained

5G will power the Internet of Things – and governments

Although 5G technology is still at a nascent stage of development, citizens and government will soon demand it to power a real-time connected world.

Apps not safe for work? NIST guide to vetting third-party apps

Apps not safe for work? NIST drafts guide for checking

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s guide will help agencies evaluate commercial mobile applications that agency workers might use on government-issued devices or personal apps that access government networks.


First take: Apple’s Swift speeds programming

In offering leaner coding features, including the use of modules and concise syntax, the Swift programming language is challenging conventional coding with a combination of speed and ease of use.

Lt. Gen. Robert S. Ferrell, the Army

Lighter communications key to Army’s future

It's critical that the communication infrastructure be ready at all times – from installation to the point of need, said Lt. Gen. Robert S. Ferrell, the Army's CIO/G-6.

Mobile analytics tools track perimeter of Ebola

Mobile analytics tools track perimeter of Ebola

IBM is leading a group of software firms and developers to build tools to help track, diagnose and even predict the behavior of pandemic illnesses.

Microsoft expanding security and mobile controls for Office 365

Microsoft expanding security and mobile controls for Office 365

Government IT managers will soon have more options for Office 356 data loss protection and mobile device controls.

NYPD gets 41,000 tablets, handhelds for officers

NYPD gets 41,000 tablets, handhelds for officers

The $160 million initiative will upgrade the NYPD’s mobile platform, allowing the department to outfit up to 6,000 police cars with rugged tablets and provide 35,000 handheld devices for police officers.

MobileIron updates Docs@Work to secure personal cloud

MobileIron updates Docs@Work to secure personal cloud

Docs@Work lets users access, annotate and share enterprise content regardless of location, in a variety of cloud repositories, while providing IT a centralized way to secure and manage mobile content and device policies.

8 apps for safer city intersections

8 apps for safer city intersections

Winning apps in New York City’s Connected Intersections Challenge used wearable devices and smartphone sensors in effort to drive down traffic fatalities and injuries.

Cloud-based platform for field service management

Trimble debuts cloud, dev tools for mobile field management

In related announcements, Trimble introduced a cloud-based platform for field service management, mobile workforce productivity and scheduling tools and a development environment to improve field business processes.

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