What mobile means for your site

What mobile means for your site's search ranking

With Google's PageRank putting new emphasis on mobile friendliness, agencies will feel more pressure to speed the move to mobile.

Spike turns smartphones into remote-measuring tools

Spike turns smartphones into remote-measuring tools

ikeGPS Spike offers emergency-response managers a new mobile tool for making rapid in-the-field measurements that can easily be integrated into responders’ databases.

Bodyprint uses ear scans for authentication

Unlock your phone with your ear

Researchers at Yahoo have developed a biometric authentication system that uses the whole touchscreen as the image sensor and verifies biometrics with low-resolution scans.

FirstNet releases draft RFP

FirstNet releases draft RFP

The First Responder Network Authority Board released a draft RFP for the construction, operation, maintenance and improvement of the nationwide public safety broadband network.

rugged tablets in the field

What to look for in rugged tech

Rugged tablets offer a secure and cost-effective solution for employees in the field -- but only if the IT staff chooses carefully.

Ebola smartphone app

CDC announces smartphone coaching app for Ebola workers

The animated, speech-enabled, step-by-step mobile coaching helps healthcare workers follow directions for putting on and removing personal protective equipment in accordance with CDC guidelines.

mWater app for monitoring water purity

NASA tech inspires open data infrastructure for water monitoring

Technology developed for testing water purity on the International Space Station is being remade into a simple, low-cost mobile app for evaluating water safety here on Earth.

Rescue workers use apps to help save lives

Rescue workers, hospital staffers and patients themselves are using mobile apps to improve responses to health emergencies.

Houston firefighters bring digital doctors on calls

Houston firefighters bring digital doctors on calls

City officials hope to cut emergency room visits with a program designed to connect residents in their homes with a doctor, via the emergency medical technicians and firefighters who answer the 911 call.

Durabook R11 rugged tablets bundled for public safety

Durabook R11 rugged tablets bundled for public safety

GammaTech Computer Corp. has developed four commercial-off-the-shelf configurations of its Durabook R11 tablets to meet the different needs of public safety professionals.

CIO concerns:  It all depends on where you sit

CIO concerns: It all depends on where you sit

New Gartner analysis finds broad similarities at different levels of government, but decidedly different rankings of public-sector CIO's biggest worries.

Emergency-response tech headed for broader distribution

Emergency-response tech headed for broader distribution

The Next-Generation Incident Command System is a mobile, web-based system designed to speed collaboration and enhance situational awareness.

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