Investigators looking at cellphone

Forensics tool helps police crack suspects' cell phones

Paraben's Device Seizure 6 can break passwords, track where a phone has been and map the complete file system, including deleted data.

Complex gear system in cloud

Authentication with cloud, BYOD: It's complicated

The growth of IT services across the enterprise makes identifying users complex, but three government efforts aim to standardize and simplify access control.

Man with smartphone in range of sensor network

Sensor sensibility: How it can help make smart phones secure

Greater functionality for smart phones can mean bigger security concerns, but their new capabilities could also be used to protect them.

Disappointed looking smartphone user

When smart-phone technology hits the wall

Even smart phones have their limits, but developers are finding ways to build sophisticated sensors than can connect to phones and expand mobile networks.

Soldier providing security on a raid

Smart phones as sensors: locating snipers, or parking spots

Agencies see a lot of potential in using sensor networks made up of smart phones for any number of military and civilian uses.

Handheld Nautiz X1 rugged smart phone loaded with Cummings Engineering SAIFE encryption software

A smart phone that's rugged, submersible and NSA-secure

The SAIFE Sentry X1 puts FIPS 140-2 and NSA encryption into an ultra-rugged casing.

Mobile workers with laptop and smartphone

BYOD is changing the telework picture and advocacy group's name

The Telework Exchange, an advocate for teleworking in government, has changed its name to the Mobile Work Exchange, a shift that reflects a new reality.

DuraBook U12Ci from GammaTech

Tablet/laptop for field work combines ruggedness and security

DuraBook U12Ci from GammaTech is a rugged tablet/laptop that includes a fingerprint reader.

Mobile device management

Don't manage mobile devices, manage the enterprise

Mobile devices bring so many security risks into networks that governance must move beyond device management to encompass much broader enterprise issues.

BlackBerry 10

BES 10's release paves the way for new BlackBerry devices

RIM's server software for the new OS will support Android and iOS devices, along with all the new features in BlackBerry 10.

Asus MeMO Pad

Mini-tablets keep getting skinnier

Asus' MeMO Pad, at 4.69 inches, is about a half-inch narrower than most other small tablets, which can come in handy in the field.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Other cyber shoe waiting to drop on BYOD

Lax security could soon threaten the gains agencies have made by letting employees use their own mobile devices for work, a new study says. There are basic protective steps agencies can take now.

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