Futuristic office computer display

8 reasons agency IT will change course in 2013

Next year is likely to be a tipping point when agencies will have to make landmark decisions about the types of client machines they use.

BlackBerry 10

Test drive: BlackBerry 10 has the features for work/life balance

Centralized messaging, integrated calendar, predictive text and segregated work and personal functions are aimed at helping RIM maintain a hold in the enterprise.

Minneapolis city services

City calls in open standards to clear away 311 pile-up

By leveraging open standards for 311 non-emergency reporting, Minneapolis plans to automate tasks now handled at labor-intensive call centers.

Call center

Open311 reduces dependence on call centers

The Open311 initiative provides a standard protocol for linking location-based information to existing municipal 311 services.

Texting on phones

NIST spells out baseline security requirements for next-gen mobile devices

Mobile devices lack the hardware-based security needed to make them trusted tools in the workplace; a draft NIST publication identifies the requirements for making them secure enterprise devices.

Presidents desk

5 tech priorities for the new administration

Here are five technologies the new administration should keep on the presidential blotter.

GPO digital strategy

GPO strategy: Publishing from any source, in any format

As demand for ink on paper slows and digital documents increases, the Government Printing Office is transforming its business model to become content-centric, focusing on authentication and document delivery across a spectrum of devices and formats.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro

Samsung PC line built for Win 8's cross-format approach

The company's new laptops and all-in-one PCs use AllShare Play technology to converge PCs and mobile devices.

Fire and rescue unit

Jacksonville upgrades emergency services

Jacksonville’' Fire and Rescue Department worked with the Information Technologies Division to update the Emergency Preparedness Division's website and develop the JaxReady mobile application for iOS and Android smart phones.

Motorola HC1

Are wearable PCs for the field in sight?

The Motorola HC1 is light and rugged, features that could prove useful to military and civilian agencies.


What ICE's choice of iPhones says about agencies' mobile plans

Government users don't want to have to carry two phones, and instead want to be able to use their own devices at work. And since iPhones have become popular among consumers, those are what government agencies want to use.

iPad mini

Does the iPad have the footprint for field work?

Apple's smaller version of the iPad fits in one hand, which could prove useful to agencies with employees in the field.

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