Mobile workers with laptop and smartphone

BYOD is changing the telework picture and advocacy group's name

The Telework Exchange, an advocate for teleworking in government, has changed its name to the Mobile Work Exchange, a shift that reflects a new reality.

DuraBook U12Ci from GammaTech

Tablet/laptop for field work combines ruggedness and security

DuraBook U12Ci from GammaTech is a rugged tablet/laptop that includes a fingerprint reader.

Mobile device management

Don't manage mobile devices, manage the enterprise

Mobile devices bring so many security risks into networks that governance must move beyond device management to encompass much broader enterprise issues.

BlackBerry 10

BES 10's release paves the way for new BlackBerry devices

RIM's server software for the new OS will support Android and iOS devices, along with all the new features in BlackBerry 10.

Asus MeMO Pad

Mini-tablets keep getting skinnier

Asus' MeMO Pad, at 4.69 inches, is about a half-inch narrower than most other small tablets, which can come in handy in the field.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Other cyber shoe waiting to drop on BYOD

Lax security could soon threaten the gains agencies have made by letting employees use their own mobile devices for work, a new study says. There are basic protective steps agencies can take now.

Panasonic Toughpad

Panasonic adds a mini and a Windows 8 tablet to its Toughpad line

Company unveils two tablets -- an Android device that can be held in one hand and a Windows 8 Pro tablet -- that meet MIL-STD-810G rugged specs.

Smart phone with New York City map app

Agencies have the tools to unleash dynamic mobile services

A smart mobility platform with integrated security will let agencies at all levels focus on the real goal: transforming the way they provide services, Vervio's T.L. Neff says.

Panasonic Toughpad

4 tablets that would look good under the public-sector tree

In the season of giving -- and getting -- here are four new and forthcoming tablets that have appealing features for agencies.

People checking cellphones

Total on-the-job control of Android devices?

Software being developed by Optio Labs would control data access and app use depending on location, time of day, other apps in use and even who you’re with.

Secure keypad on digital map of world

5 programs break down the elements of an identity ecosystem

Groups will run a variety of pilots for trusted identities covering areas ranging from first-responder authentication and secure business transactions to the exchange of health care information.

Doctor using smart phone

HHS prescribes 11 basic steps for securing mobile devices

With an eye toward protecting patient privacy, HHS offers tools for keeping health data protected on mobile devices -- advice that any public-sector agency could follow.