Cellular on wheels

Colorado to demo LTE safety network

The LTE Demonstration Network will give first responders the chance to use some of the next generation LTE devices that will bring the power of broadband data to local, tribal, state and federal responders.

Boston street during a snowstorm

Too much snow? Phone it in.

Several municipal governments have created mobile apps that allow residents to better track and participate in snowstorm response.

Analytics powers app for social workers

Analytics powers app for social workers

The Case Advice app pulls data from a variety of back-office systems and makes it available to case workers while they’re in the field.

FirstNet opens to feds; DHS on board

FirstNet opens to feds, DHS on board

FirstNet began discussions with agencies to see how they can best leverage the nationwide public safety network.

Firms combine mobile dev, code analysis for agency apps

Mobile dev, code analysis tool debuts for DOD, intell agencies

CACI, Appcelerator join forces in developing a tool to help agencies develop and release secure apps on schedule and within budget.

Michigan intros first of its kind Medicaid mobile app

Michigan intros first of its kind Medicaid mobile app

Partnering with the private sector, Michigan has created a mobile application for Medicaid recipients to view their medical records and coverage remotely.

Emergency communications

Emergency communications take multi-path approach

The Department of Homeland Security’s National Emergency Communications Plan aims to allow first responders and public safety officials to better share information and enhance situational awareness.

Census 2020 technology

Census tests tech for 2020

The Census Bureau will leverage the Internet, mobile technology and geographic information systems as it counts up the country’s population and tries to hold the line on costs.

VA seeks cemetery tracking system

VA seeks cemetery tracking system

The Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking a system to help it with digital mapping, internment notices and remains tracking in its 131 cemeteries.

2015 mobility mantra: manage data, not devices

2015 mobility mantra: manage data, not devices

Government mobility managers are racing to stay ahead of the proliferation of mobile devices with strategies that focus on data and applications rather than devices themselves.

Should APIs be free from copyright?

Should APIs be free from copyright?

The Supreme Court is considering a decision involving Google and Oracle that would allow a form of copyright on application programming interfaces.

Census wants tools to identify address changes

Census wants tools to identify address changes

The Census Bureau issued a request for information for tools to flag potential changes in addresses, roads and boundaries that might affect the accuracy of the 2020 census.

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