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DHS-Army game engine gives first responders an EDGE

The Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment joint virtual training platform supports scenarios in which multiple organizations must coordinate with each other, as would be necessary in an active-shooter scenario.


App helps Pennsylvania get its bridges back

Tablet app helps the state survey its complete road and bridge system.


Michigan knits together far-flung courts with video vérité

With video conferencing equipment being installed in county courtrooms to enable remote participation in hearings, the state is saving millions of dollars each year on transporting prisoners.


Maine automates tasks on unemployment benefits system

The state's unemployment insurance benefits system uses a cloud-based application to automate time-consuming and error-prone tasks.


Southeast states share unemployment benefits system

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina tap Capgemini for a cloud-based UI system that will go live in 2016.


Analytics pump up Super Bowl security game plan

With the Haystax Public Safety Cloud, New York and New Jersey security officials can analyze real-time data to assess potential threats to America's biggest sports spectacle.


Tecore expands 3G/4G platforms for rapid response comm

Tecore Networks expands its Raven platform with a 3G/4G network designed for the rapid deployment of voice, text and video communications.


City of Raleigh takes open technology to the limit

Raleigh, N.C.’s Open Raleigh initiative is pursuing open data and open access projects in an effort to drive public interest and industry investment.


Will Internet access improve in 2014?

FCC's Connect America Fund received over $255 million to provide broadband access to homes and businesses in rural areas of 41 states.

identity  theft

Indiana combats tax refund fraud with ID verification

The state's Department of Revenue plans to combat tax refund fraud with a new identity management system slated to debut this month.

smart city

5 steps to jumpstart your city's cloud

Financial pressures and the drive to provide better citizen services have cities looking, and slowly moving, to the cloud. Here’s how to start the process.

video visit

Will 'Skype for jail' replace in-person visits for inmates?

Corrections facilities across the United States are turning to virtual-meetings tech to help eliminate the expense and logistics of managing in-person visits, reduce contraband and provision health care.

traffic stop

Austin Police move in-car video into the 21st century

The Austin Police Department replaced its aging VHS video recording system with a faster, greener, more cost-effective digital system to document police activity on the streets.

California State Assembly

Wiki to crowdsource changes to Calif. probate code

Citizens can draft, edit and view the bill's history via a wiki set up by California Assemblyman Mike Gatto.


Infor accelerates government systems deployment

Infor Implementation Accelerators deliver templates via Web platforms and desktop customization for common government processes.