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call center

Lessons from Alabama's NG911: Cutting edge can cut both ways

The state's IP Next Generation 911 network will not be fully up and running until well beyond the original 18-month timetable, pointing up the need to set realistic goals in pioneering tech programs.


Alabama begins rolling out IP network for 911 calling

Alabama's Next Generation 911 system will be one of the first in the nation to move all of the state's 911 traffic to an IP network, opening the door for advanced text, video and data services.

shared services

Lack of awareness slows cloud shared services, providers say

In launching shared services, agencies find ways to build awareness of their offerings and to overcome misunderstanding about the cloud.

shared services

Agencies drift toward cloud-based shared services

Government agencies must decide whether sharing services from cloud providers could be cheaper than building their own.

police pursuit

Police fire GPS 'cannon' to track suspects, reduce car chases

The StarChase system includes an air launcher in the grill of a cruiser and sticky GPS devices that attach to a vehicle so it can be tracked.


Prisons turn to analytics software for parole decisions

Risk assessment programs weigh factors beyond the traditional considerations of parole boards and seem to be having an effect.


One city fends off cyberespionage attacks, and collaboration is key

Seattle's collaboration with the FBI and a DHS fusion center helped thwart attacks from China, but that kind of information sharing doesn't happen enough, a new report says.

police laptop

Fort Lauderdale fights crime with data analytics

IBM researchers are working with the Florida city to develop an application that detects patterns and activities from a variety of data sources.

health exchange

State health exchanges outpace

As flounders, some of the health insurance exchanges that states established have been running smoothly.


Reminder: The Web is not the only source of malware

A cloud-based Web filtering and policy enforcement service helped the city of Aspen sharply reduce browser infections, but it doesn't replace antivirus protection.


How Aspen's DNS services became more secure, reliable and cheaper

Outsourcing Domain Name Services and Web policy enforcement to OpenDNS saves the Colorado city and county money while improving security.

license plate

California pilots electronic license plates -- will other states follow?

The state expects electronic plates to save money on processing registrations and mailing, though the plan has raised privacy concerns.


Security tool keeps data safe across collaboration systems

CipherPoint data security software prevents privileged IT administrators, attackers from accessing sensitive information across on-premise and cloud-based collaboration systems.

broadband cable

Maryland lights up new broadband network

Maryland, with the help of federal Recovery Act dollars, has added 800 miles of high-speed fiber to its statewide broadband network linking schools, governments and businesses.


GPS accuracy still not good enough for emergencies

Location-based wireless services are in high demand, especially in public safety, but getting an accurate fix on mobile devices remains a challenge.