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Minnesota selects Maximus to develop health insurance exchange

Minnesota's exchange will include a consumer-friendly website that will let residents determine their eligibility for subsidized benefits online as well as shop, compare and enroll in insurance plans.

Reporting potholes in Minneapolis? There's an app for that

Minneapolis upgrades its citizen services with a new mobile reporting system that put the city network in the cloud.

Virginia IT rebuild gives 'step on the gas' support for state workforce

A six-year project to consolidate its IT systems has produced a common desktop and applications that will help Virginia respond faster to productivity goals, state CIO says.

City planners probe downtown Philadelphia with 3D GIS

City planners turned to optical remote sensing technology for a pilot project to test a total 3D GIS solution.

NYC adds free WiFi to pay phones, making them useful again

The pilot program expands the city's public wireless access, with costs being covered by the pay phone providers.

How EA can make IT procurement cheaper

Streamlining IT investments should start with reducing diversity and complexity through standardization, NASCIO report says.

Apple quits green IT program, putting government sales at risk

The company pulled its products from EPEAT, which is required for federal and other government buys. But the iPad and iPhone are exempt, for now at least.

Illinois court beefs up service with thin clients

The Circuit Court of Cook County is improving operational efficiency and allowing staff and citizens easy online access to services and court files via thin client technology.

City looks to save $850K a year by leaving mainframe behind

Fort Worth's IT solutions department will move all applications to a new distributed platform based on the Microsoft Windows operating system and Dell servers by 2015.

Domestic drones can be hijacked, turned into weapons, researchers show

A research team shows DHS and FAA how spoofing unencrypted GPS signals lets them take over drones in flight, potentially turning them into weapons.

Georgia project uses 'roadbots' for highway repair

Automated prototype detects and fixes cracks in the state's highways.

Drupal's popularity growing in government

The open-source content management system has acquired a considerable niche for itself in federal and state IT circles.

Cities using AI for pre-crime monitoring of surveillance videos

A system being installed by San Francisco's transit authority can flag suspicious activity and even shut down a train automatically.

With analytics, police get smarter, even clairvoyant

Charleston police are using IBM predictive analytics software to better allocate resources, forecast criminal patterns and solve crime more quickly.

Tenn. school system hack exposes student, employee data

The hack by a previously unknown group could have exposed some personal data on as many as 110,000 current and former employees and students.