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Information from paper forms entered into laptop

Two states overhaul IT to boost social services

Arkansas and South Carolina scrap older systems for cloud-based technologies and big data analytic software.

Digital fingerprint with data

Police tap layman-friendly analytics to track gang activity

The Crime Analysis Unit in Alexandria, Va., adopts uReveal, which lets analysts fuse and extract knowledge from any type of data, structured or unstructured.

System administrator busy

5 agency IT processes crying out for automation

Government sysadmins are capable of innovation, but it's tough when you're busy maintaining the status quo via manual processes.

Rescue squad interoperable communications

Ultimate public safety network is far off, but there are comm options

While first responders wait for the creation of a single nationwide public safety network, a variety of technologies are already providing interoperability.

Gamer in office

Agencies should know the 4 types of gamers

Agencies getting into gamification need to know their audience, starting with which of the four types of gamers they want to attract.

First responder talking on a radio

Why LTE is the next generation in wireless

The emerging Long Term Evolution standard offers a path toward a national public safety network that will provide mission-critical reliability with commercial availability.

Firemen consulting a tablet computer

FirstNet's first task: Find out what responders need

The success of the First Responder Network Authority's plan for a nationwide network depends on meeting the needs of more than 60,000 federal, state, local and tribal agencies.

Fireman using a radio to communicate

Can FirstNet create a truly nationwide public safety network?

The new federal organization has the daunting task of creating a first-of-its kind network with unprecedented geographic coverage and reliability for more than 60,000 federal, state, local and tribal agencies.

North Miami Beach uses the online 311 reporting application Fix It NMB

City sees a lot more than potholes in mobile reporting apps

Cloud-based services let residents and city employees report problems; North Miami Beach wants to use that data to anticipate problems and allocate resources.

Armor X10 rugged tablet FDNY

FDNY medical crews to arrive at the scene with Armor tablets

The rugged tablets, along with DRS Technologies' EVDO routers, will let crew establish two-way links from the scene of an emergency to a hospital.

Agile development graphic

Agile is key to making the most of public-sector IT

Agile development tactics break projects into smaller chunks, let IT teams keep up with changes, and prevent “scope creep.”

Paper documents storage

Records dilemma: When in doubt, throw it out?

Some agencies are tackling their records management problems by deciding not to digitize paper records.


Splunk ties relational, machine data for better analytics

DB Connect integrates structured data from relational databases with machine data, giving analyst better insights to make informed decision in real-time.

Fingerprint electronic matching AFIS

Law enforcement, NIST making fingerprint files easier to search

Group has developed a standard features set to use for fingerprint identification, and NIST now has the technical specs to make searches interoperable.

Businessman walking away from a storm of paperwork

How one county dragged its processes out of the Paper Age

Humboldt County, Calif., streamlines its permitting process with Interneer BPM software, which features drag-and-drop management and public access for tracking applications.