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Ambulance rushing to emergency

App would give 911 operators control of callers' smart phones

The Android app being developed at the University of North Texas would let dispatchers use a smart phone's camera and sensors to get a better view of an emergency.

Christie Roadster HD10K M DLP projector

Christie projector puts Endeavour's final journey on the big screen

The company's Roadster DLP projector shows its strength in large settings.

Woman on couch with laptop browsing Arkansas unclaimed property portal

E-filing portal helps state give away a treasure trove of unclaimed property

A combination of an e-filing portal and LexisNexis identity verification services automates filing and verification of people applying to claim abandoned assets.

Illinois state house on a cloudy day

States are being pound-foolish in moving slowly to the cloud

Tight budgets might be keeping states from plunging into cloud computing, but the benefits would be substantial, especially for programs such as Medicaid that are nearly identical from state to state.

Clouds in shape of Earth

5 years down the road: The cloud of clouds

Interoperability standards will create a world of interconnected clouds fraught with opportunities and security risks, experts say.

Citizen reports landslide to city via 311 app optimizes mobile apps for government

Four new cloud-based mobile solutions let agencies collaborate, connect with citizens from any device and speed up mobile app development.

Benefits applicant answering questions on a laptop

Software quizzes applicants before doling out benefits

Florida's Department of Children and Families is using LexisNexis Risk Solutions, which creates a profile based on customer-supplied information, to authenticate people applying for public assistance.

Laserfiche 9 enterprise transaction management software

County goes from ECM to ETM, and one letter makes a huge difference

Eaton County, Mich., installs Laserfiche 9 to move to the next phase of document workflows: enterprise transactional management.

Massachusetts State House in Boston

Boston drops Exchange for Google Apps, as battle of cloud app providers plays on

The city switches out Microsoft Exchange for Google’s cloud-based service, citing better prices if not security.

Attendees at the FOSE keynote

What's hot at FOSE 2013

The annual conference and expo kicks off Tuesday, tackling the key challenges facing the public-sector IT community.

Man working at night studying online analytics

Social network analysis, predictive coding enlisted to fight fraud

New analytic technologies will help agencies and investigators look deeper into behavioral patterns to combat some of the more sophisticated fraud schemes on the horizon.

Ohio state house OBM

Ohio's budget office opens up with cloud-based BPM tool

The Office of Budget and Management has deployed Appian’s cloud-based BPM with mobile and social capabilities to improve the coordination of work across teams, departments and systems.

House in Mantaloking NJ after hurricane Sandy

In Sandy's wake, NJ town goes to all-wireless phone service

Reflecting a trend toward mobile computing, Mantaloking will be one of the few areas in the country to operate without copper land lines.

WiebeTech Ditto Forensic FieldStation

Forensic FieldStation brings stealth to hard drive data capture

It runs silent, can turn off its lights and be operated remotely by a technician who doesn't have to join investigators or a covert team in the field.

New HHS website will use CMS free open source

HHS goes open source to build better, more powerful website

Open-source website built with Jekyll and Prose will let handle the expected Obamacare spike in traffic without a content management system.