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FAFSA application

Arkansas eases students' path to college financial aid

The Arkansas Department of Education created "YOUniversal," a financial aid system that helps students determine scholarship eligibility and streamlines the financial assistance application process.

Call center

Open311 reduces dependence on call centers

The Open311 initiative provides a standard protocol for linking location-based information to existing municipal 311 services.


Can shared services really give substantial ROI?

Using a CRM system, based on Microsoft Dynamics, within a shared infrastructure is allowing Virginia state to modernize business functions and improve citizen services.

Fire and rescue unit

Jacksonville upgrades emergency services

Jacksonville’' Fire and Rescue Department worked with the Information Technologies Division to update the Emergency Preparedness Division's website and develop the JaxReady mobile application for iOS and Android smart phones.


Calif. tax board cuts paper, speeds service, drops fees with app

The California Franchise Tax Board, overwhelmed by requests from business for letters of good standing, built an online self-service app that saved both sides time and money.

Financial data

Austin opens its books via financial portal

The city's Financial Services Department stayed in-house to build a dynamic financial portal that meets the needs citizens, vendors and auditors.


Texas gives truckers right of way with automated permit, mapping system

The DMV Motor Carrier Division's trucking permit and routing system has already paid for itself, in dollars, safety and improved morale.

Data integration

CalPERS broke the mold to get systems modernized

California retirement agency interpreted a hard deadline as permission to do what was necessary. Then they did it.

Innocon Mini Falcon UAV software

UAV video quality gets a boost from new software

Software such as Inmint’s Vidhance lets UAVs track objects, reduce blur and stabilize video feeds.

ICS industrial control system

Kaspersky Labs plans industrial control OS to fend off Stuxnet-like malware

A secure, bare-bones operating system designed strictly for industrial systems could protect critical infrastructure, the founder of the Russian company says.

bank cyber security

Hackers fleece a city account as cyberattacks focus on banks

The theft of $400,000 from a Burlington, Wash., account handling employee payroll and some citizen payments comes on the heels of warnings that U.S. banks were being targeted.

Maryland online voter registration

Report: 2 states' online registration systems vulnerable to hackers, fraud

Flaws in the voter databases in Mayland and Washington state would allow hackers to effectively prevent people from voting, the New York Times reports.

Polling Place VoterHub

VoterHub app a one-stop shop for election info

State and local election officials contributed data on polling places and ballot to an AT&T-led effort that can help get informed voters to the polls.

4 waves of cloud: Are agencies along for the ride?

The public sector has moved toward cloud computing, but has it been enough of a catalyst to ensure interoperability?

Win 8

If migrating to Windows 8, leave no app behind

Laplink’s PCmover can automate the process and can solve some of the difficulties of moving from an older versions of Windows.