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California State Assembly

Wiki to crowdsource changes to Calif. probate code

Citizens can draft, edit and view the bill's history via a wiki set up by California Assemblyman Mike Gatto.


Infor accelerates government systems deployment

Infor Implementation Accelerators deliver templates via Web platforms and desktop customization for common government processes.


Cloud-based analytics keeps Montreal's buses full and ridership growing

A combination of cloud computing and business analytics has helped the city of Montreal track the habits of individual public transit riders — and reward their loyalty.

police officer

App gives police access to oft-used info, unclogging 911 dispatch centers

Badge Buddy cuts down on officers' reliance on dispatchers for relaying of noncritical information, saving time, improving efficiency.

social DC

DC transforms social media site with citizen-service analytics

The D.C. government used analytics to transform a social media project from a one-way public relations effort into a community-based platform for listening to residents and collaborating on public-service improvements.

Online tax lien auction

New Jersey town takes the taxing out of tax collection

Red Bank now conducts its tax lien auctions online, speeding payments and improving efficiency.


ISO: Open-source tools to liberate data from PDFs

In an effort to expand open-source PDF conversion options, the Sunlight Foundation is holding the PDF Liberation Hackathon, dedicated to improving open-source tools for PDF extraction.


Massachusetts launches open cloud to spur big data R&D

The Commonwealth teams up with universities and high tech firms to launch a cloud marketplace geared to sharing compute capacity and services.


Glitches slow Chicago transit e-fare system

The roll-out of Chicago's new electronic open-fare public transit payment system has been stymied by authentication and accounting errors.

big data tools

Next big things in big data: Visualization, knowledge clouds, fast clusters

The open-source cluster computing tool called Spark speeds programming and can run up to 100 times faster than Hadoop Map Reduce.


Boston police cruisers get fitted with GPS tracking

Administrators say the units will improve the department's emergency responsiveness, giving dispatchers the ability to see the locations of officers rather than waiting for a radio response.

Colorado turns to Drupal for Web development

The state joins the growing ranks of open-source devotees that use Drupal to expand features and cut developer overhead and overall costs.


How data virtualization can help government hone services and cut costs

The move to open data policies are spawning new approaches of data virtualization to exploit and manage an expanding number of government information sources.

waiting room

Agile helps Alabama build portal for shift to Medicaid

Alabama launches new online portal for children's and women's health care coverage.

alarm system

Richmond fixes bad connection with local alarm companies

A public safety team in Richmond, Va., set off on a two-year quest to shorten the time between when alarm companies contact emergency services and when help is dispatched.