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Memphis Police Department Real Time Crime Center

Predictive analysis grows as crime-prevention tool

Police departments are adding the algorithm-driven software to their public safety arsenal to reduce felony crimes.

Man looks quizzically at VHS tape

Oklahoma jail's lesson: Don't get fooled by familiar tech

Too many agencies stick with the tried, true and the outdated rather than upgrading to more efficient new technology.

Sunrise in Nevada desert

Nevada brings big data to the desert

The state and the Desert Research Institute partner with IBM to use analytics and advanced research applications for scientific research, education and economic development.

Monitoring prisoners with HD video

A picture worth 200 guards: Jail installs HD video, violence drops 90 percent

The Oklahoma County Jail got a clear view of the benefits of a manageable high-def video surveillance system, which cut costs and reduced altercations at the crowded facility.

Frightened woman calls for help

Caveat texter: Text-to-911 is not a substitute for voice calls

A text message to 911 is still a text message, subject to SMS limitations. In an emergency, it's still better to call.

Smartphone user

911 texting moves to real world

How the FCC, states and the telecom industry are taking steps to bring SMS texting into the nation's 911 emergency call systems.

Chicago Cloud Gate sculpture by Anish Kapoor in Millennium Park

Chicago moving 30,000 employees' e-mail to Microsoft cloud

Cloud strategy is part of the city's move toward modernizing its digital infrastructure while improving employees' access to mobile tools and reaping significant cost savings.

Seattle skyline

Seattle lays plans for its own ultra-high speed Internet service

The city plans a 1 gigabit/sec network for homes and business, partly by making use of its unused fiber.

Firemen after 911 attack on New York City

When radios can’t connect, IP provides the bridge

Once data has been put on an IP network, disparate types of devices -- such as siloed first responder radios -- can be linked almost anywhere in the world.

Video surveillance control room

Boca Raton adds smarts to surveillance network

The Florida city is building out a city-wide digital video surveillance system and is using a management system to integrate feeds so police can get real-time views of the city.

Police control room

Interoperable radios: Perfect vs. the possible

An IP system linking disparate communications infrastructures might not be perfect, but it works, and that is good enough.

Fireman communicating via radio

How IP networks helped NJ crews meet Sandy head-on

Response teams in Bergen County, N.J., used interoperable IP connectivity to link a variety of radio systems during Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy.

Fire in apartment building

FCC tests if 911 cell-phone calls can be traced indoors

With a growing number of 911 calls coming from cell phones, an FCC committee wants to set benchmarks on the accuracy of calls made from inside buildings.

Workers reviewing reports

Health office finds in-house VOIP provides better reporting, lower long-term costs

Choosing VOIP when combining three separate agencies was easy, but Summit County Public Health also had to weigh the options on where it would be hosted.

FAFSA application

Arkansas eases students' path to college financial aid

The Arkansas Department of Education created "YOUniversal," a financial aid system that helps students determine scholarship eligibility and streamlines the financial assistance application process.