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Pittsburgh launches first-of-its-kind Wi-Fi network for inland waterways

The Wireless Waterways Project reportedly is the first to bring wireless IP communications to inland ports and could spread across the country.


City uses a 'Google for machine data' to improve water use

Denver Water's IT Division spots trouble before it happens using Splunk's data collection and analysis capabilities.


Cities of big data: Dubuque creating a model for city water, power programs

The city gets the public on board with programs using smart meters and analytics to improve water and power use.


FlexPod technology expanded to take on big data

Cisco and NetApp introduce converged infrastructure technology designed to help organizations handle data-intensive workloads.


Cities of big data: Seattle gets more from less power

With sensors and advanced analytics tied together within a cloud infrastructure, the city is looking to cut downtown power use by 10 to 25 percent.


How FDNY uses analytics to find potential fire traps

The Risk Based Inspection System mines data from city agencies to help firefighters prioritize inspections.

Street gang member against a backdrop showing network connections

West Point team builds tool to analyze gang connections

A team at the West Point Military Academy has released details of a software program that is helping local police improve intelligence on street gangs through new techniques for analyzing crime-based social networks.

Kansas City Public Library proposes using Google Fiber for software lending library

Kansas City proposes gigabit-speed software lending library

The Kansas City Public Library is developing a high-speed Software Lending Library that will allow patrons to use software over the Internet, part of a National Science Foundation-funded project for exploring uses of the gigabit Internet.

First responder using a radio from an ambulance

FirstNet offers a look into the makings of nationwide public safety network

The FirstNet board has issued RFIs on industry's ability to provide the technologies required for advanced public-safety grade network services and infrastructure.

A quad rotor vehicle flying to validate research on elements of a futuristic control system

The FAA's rules on domestic UAV flights

The agency is selecting sites for UAV tests that could eventually open up the airways, but for now there are two paths to getting authorization for unmanned flights.

NASA Dryden DROID small unmanned research aircraft

The tech that will make drones safe for civilian skies

Sense-and-avoid technologies are close to ensuring safe UAV flights on a large scale. It's mostly a matter of time, standards and FAA rules.

Seattle skyline at night

Microsoft gets into the smarter city game

CityNext will help cities choose a combination of cloud technology, mobile devices, data analytics, and social networks to tackle the challenges of urbanization.

Monroe Mobile app for disaster assessment

App provides disaster assessment on the fly with ArcGIS Online

A Michigan county is using WebMapSolutions to build a mobile app that provides faster, more complete damage assessments.

Emergency Alert System vulnerability

EAS vulnerability exposes the soft underbelly of firmware

Sensitive keys included in freely available firmware opened the Emergency Alert System to attack, and researchers say the incident could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Screenshot from Rochester Institute of Technology serious game for GIS disaster response

Serious game tests GIS, disaster response skills

A Rochester Institute of Technology team comes up with a GIS-based game involving toxic materials that can be adapted to other scenarios.