• Free apps

    Security gets short shrift in mobile apps

    A lack of attention from developers and users to the security of mobile applications has troubling implications for those who would bring mobile devices into the workplace.

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  • International flags

    Putting cybersecurity on the diplomatic agenda

    The EastWest Institute is holding its third cybersecurity summit in India next week, part of an effort to bring nations together in this strange new world called cyberspace.

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  • Voting machine

    Securing voting machines is only half the battle

    With the growing use of electronics in voting systems, the security of network connections are increasingly important, and sometimes overlooked.

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  • Information sharing

    Why cyber defense tech is not working

    The nation's cybersecurity is still hampered by inadequate cooperation between the public and private sectors; legislation could help solve that problem.

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  • URL shortener

    When even .gov sites lead you down the wrong path

    The recent exploit of open redirect in some shortened .gov Web addresses underscores the importance of server configuration to guard against easily prevented problems.

  • Cyberspace

    Obama, Romney give lip service to cybersecurity

    Despite the critical role played by IT in both the economy and national security, the need to protect online assets gets little attention from candidates.

  • Retired couple

    Want secure BYOD? Hire only rich retirees

    A recent survey on password use suggests that the more established and stable you are, the more likely you are to use a strong password.

  • Electric grid

    Solar-power system flaws shine light on Smart Grid threats

    A DHS alert on vulnerabilities found in control systems for solar power equipment underscores the importance of security in a complex and varied power grid.

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  • Lessons from Transportation's telework stress test

    DOT shut down its headquarters last spring and discovered that telework works, but problems can crop up in a few areas.

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  • Is the new secure hash algorithm really necessary?

    NIST is about to name the winner of a four-year competition for SHA-3. But one of the finalists questions whether we need it.