• Electric grid

    Solar-power system flaws shine light on Smart Grid threats

    A DHS alert on vulnerabilities found in control systems for solar power equipment underscores the importance of security in a complex and varied power grid.

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  • Lessons from Transportation's telework stress test

    DOT shut down its headquarters last spring and discovered that telework works, but problems can crop up in a few areas.

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  • Is the new secure hash algorithm really necessary?

    NIST is about to name the winner of a four-year competition for SHA-3. But one of the finalists questions whether we need it.

  • Blackhole exploit site turns the tables on spammers

    Online criminals get a taste of their own medicine.

  • Powerful new government cybersecurity system: U.S. courts

    With Microsoft’s successful use of federal law and courts to shut down botnets, most recently Nitol, the legal system is emerging as an effective tool for cybersecurity.

  • Lone western marshall faces a gang of gunfighters

    The hack-back vs. the rule of law: Who wins?

    With the option of retaliating against cyber criminals, make sure the rule of law trumps the immediate gratification of doing unto others.