• global security

    Cybersecurity strategy needs a global approach

    Federal efforts to create a cybersecurity framework have produced good results, but gaps remain and international cooperation is needed, according to one industry report.

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  • vice

    Government IT pros say a network hack would be worse than ...

    A survey conducted for Cisco shows the importance federal, state and local government IT professionals place on cybersecurity.

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  • skeleton of IT worker in a data center

    With shutdown, can agencies manage insider threats?

    Proliferation of IT accounts with elevated access privileges is a continuing problem; it could be more troublesome when employees are locked out and only a skeleton staff remains.

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  • turtle

    The slow but steady progress of FISMA

    But after 11 years it continues to mature and provide a reasonable framework for securing IT systems.

  • Gen. Keith Alexander

    Getting harder to trust Alexander's NSA

    Gen. Keith Alexander insists that the NSA needs public and industry support to do its job, but his lack of transparency makes it hard to keep the faith.

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  • Man with New Year

    Congress to IT security: Happy fiscal New Year

    Security priorities are being set for the coming fiscal year, but budget irresponsibility could make achieving them difficult.

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  • Tibet

    Encrypted communications gives voice to dissidents

    The encrypted communications provider is teaming with the Human Rights Foundation to enable secure links for activists, dissidents and other groups at risk of government snooping.

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  • Man standing at open back door

    The NSA wants to be your backdoor man

    The latest revelations from the Snowden files confirm what many have suspected for more than 35 years: The NSA knows it is easier to break a code if someone gives you the keys.

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  • SEA

    Syrian Electronic Army's attacks expose the Internet's weak links

    The attacks being used by pro-Assad hacktivists are not new, but they demonstrate the ability of bad guys to exploit the Internet's ecosystem.

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  • outsource

    Outsourcing cybersecurity? Feds get behind the idea.

    DHS' Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation program is the latest step in a trend toward holistic security that puts it into the hands of experts.

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