Emerging Tech

Emerging Tech

  • Mozilla ignites gigabit application development

    Mozilla ignites gigabit application development

    Hive learning networks will bring students, informal educators and technologists together in five cities with gigabit Internet service.

  • Gamification research to improve driver habits

    DOT's plan to turn driving into a real-life computer game

    The Department of Transportation is hoping to change drivers’ bad habits with a game-based platform to encourage consumers to drive more safely.

  • protecting images in the cloud from hackers

    A target-centric approach to cloud security

    The XDet system associates a single block of data with a file and creates reference points within that block as a signature.

  • Targeting emergency alerts where they’re needed most

    Targeting emergency alerts where they’re needed most

    Arbitrary-Size Location-Aware Targeting technology is designed to ensure that only those who need to take action receive the warnings.

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  • CivicAR augmented reality for public sector

    Augmented reality: Coming to a city near you

    Using their smartphone’s camera and location data, users can tap into CivicAR’s augmented reality data for transit schedules or local events.

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  • SiteMap on a Microsoft Surface Table

    Quick-and-easy GIS for first responders

    SituMap lets multiple users navigate maps and draw on them while collaborating on a Microsoft Surface table.

  • Dashboard for Oakland police

    Oakland builds real-time crime apps for residents, police

    When the city’s IT team created a public-facing app for its 911 data, it simultaneously built a more detailed dashboard for officers.

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  • algorithms for fact checking

    Fact verification as easy as spellcheck?

    Researchers at Indiana University are working on knowledge graphs that use semantic relatedness between concepts to determine the likely truth of a statement.

  • Size matters: Smartphones push the envelope

    Size matters: Smartphones push the envelope

    Until voice recognition technology matures, smartphone users need ways to make text easier to input.