BlackBerry gets ATO from DISA

BlackBerry has released two government-focused smartphones in recent months. Both the BlackBerry Q10 with its classic keyboard design and the BlackBerry Z10 with its large-screen interface both received positive reviews from GCN. This week the company also got good news from the Defense Information System Agency, which certified both models running BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 with the Authority to Operate (ATO) on all Department of Defense networks. BlackBerry is the first mobile device management (MDM) provider to obtain an ATO.


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military-grade comm

Civilian agencies can get military-grade comm on standard Android phones

I used to love watching a show on The History Channel called “Tactical to Practical.” Host Hunter Ellis would examine military solutions to problems that crossed over into civilian life. For example, he showed how four-wheel drive vehicles in World War II became modern-day jeeps, or how GPS was used in Operation Desert Storm before exploding into everyday life.


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People holding screens of different sizes

Government users want larger screens, and Apple may be listening

We recently reported on Hewlett-Packard's attempts, along with those by Acer and a few others, to try and bring an Android-based desktop PC to market. Besides more powerful processors and fewer size-based restrictions on components such as memory, the biggest feature in these new PC/Android hybrids would be the larger screens.


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