• AT&T, IBM to help cities build out Internet of Things

    AT&T, IBM join forces to help cities, utilities and commercial firms develop and capitalize on the Internet of intelligent devices.

  • Report: Best practices for big data projects

    A report by the IBM Center for the Business of Government provides advice from CIOs for implementing big data projects.

  • Survey: Agencies save with automation technology

    A SolarWinds survey of 162 public-sector IT employees found that investments in automation technology have saved time and money for agencies.

  • Report: Enterprise app activations growing rapidly

    A Good Technology report found a 54 percent growth quarter over quarter in activations of enterprise applications, indicating that organizations are leveraging mobile apps to make employees more collaborative, productive and engaged.

  • Report: Agencies struggling to carry out cloud strategies

    Many federal agencies have yet to move a large portion of their IT portfolios to the cloud in the three years since the cloud-first mandate.

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  • Walter Reed launches mass communication system

    The AtHoc Interactive Warning System enables IP communications and alerts across the Walter Reed campus.

  • Lessons learned from NARA's social intranet

    The National Archives and Records Administration’s social intranet platform enables staffers across the agency to communicate with one another and share ideas more effectively.

  • Calculator helps evaluate the cost of going rugged

    An online calculator will help IT managers determine whether it is financially beneficial to replace consumer devices with rugged tablets.

  • Data destruction tools debut to toughen enterprise defense

    Code42's CrashPlan enterprise endpoint backup now features triple-pass data sanitization and secure delete capabilities.

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  • CMS picks EHR systems for next health IT test

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services picked EHR systems that will be used to qualify health care providers for incentives designed to build a national health information network.

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