• BlackBerry to invest in government-focused security innovation center

    BlackBerry will invest in a government-oriented security innovation center and return to making keyboard-based smartphones.

  • COBOL just keeps hanging on

    Even at its advanced age, COBOL powers government's legacy IT systems and more than 70 percent of the world's business transactions.

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  • National Guard training center to host open-source UAV research

    Multi-agency program seeks to identify cost savings and drive innovation for government unmanned aerial vehicle systems.

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  • Karen Jackson named Va. secretary of technology

    Virginia's Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe announced last week that he had chosen Karen Jackson to serve as secretary of technology.

  • DARPA pushes high-res maps to troops' smartphones

    The defense research agency's new program provides digital imagery to troops on the ground and aims to build a library of apps that are simple to access and use.

  • Pentagon ponders access beyond the CAC

    The Defense Department is exploring ways to build on the success of the Common Access Card by extending identity management to mobile devices.

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  • New E-Verify security enhancement helps deter employee fraud

    The Citizenship and Immigration Services has enhanced the Homeland Security Department's E-Verify system by using analytics to flag and 'lock' Social Security Numbers that have been used fraudulently.

  • Can fuel cells integrated into server racks power data centers?

    A Microsoft research paper describes the unconventional approach that could double data center efficiency.

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  • D.C. government sees growth in mobile device program

    The number of D.C. government workers using wireless messaging support from Good Technology has grown from 300 to 2,250 in the last three years, according to the firm.

  • FCC releases its own mobile performance testing app

    The agency intends to use the data collected for an online interactive map that will detail each data provider’s network performance.