• university

    NY colleges to share video resources via the cloud

    A consortium of six colleges plans a cloud-based streaming video infrastructure that it will share across its campuses.

  • XP support available with custom support

    Support for XP will extend past April 2014 -- for a price

    Agencies that haven't moved completely off of Windows XP by the April 2014 deadline could still get some patches, but it will cost them. Is doing nothing an option?

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  • data center robot

    Next role for robots: data center diagnosticians

    EMC, IBM offer robots that rove data centers in search of temperature anomalies and other indicators of how well the center is maintaining an efficient power curve.

  • transport

    Navy's Expedia-style software 'revolutionary' for logistics

    Cloud-based software tool developed by Navy logistics planners helps find the fastest and cheapest route for moving cargo and personnel around the globe.

  • Buffalo out west with clouds in background

    Interior accelerates its drive to the cloud

    The Interior Department has awarded a set of 10 individual indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contracts for cloud services.

  • FBI cyber crime experts at work

    DHS mulls changes to CyberFETCH registration

    The department is seeking feedback on the forms it uses to validate participants in its repository of cyber forensic tools and best practices.

  • New York statehouse in Albany

    New York State moving 120,000 employees to Microsoft Office 365

    The move will give state employees the most current versions of the email and productivity tools, and it is expected to save $3 million annually.

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  • patient phone

    With deadlines nearing, states, hospitals rush to build-out health IT networks

    States and hospitals are setting up health insurance exchanges and extending health IT networks in order to meet deadlines included in federal health reform initiatives.

  • ignite

    Blacksburg, Virginia Tech jump on Obama's high-speed Internet initiative

    The town and university join a growing list of organizations looking to develop innovate ways to put high-speed community broadband to use.

  • API

    Data.gov pilots an easier way to manage agency APIs

    The new service handles the routine, repetitive tasks of API management, letting agencies concentrate on building their interfaces.