• Motorola brings modular phones closer to reality

    Motorola will work with the Phonebloks community to help design and build an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones.

  • DHS cites threats from out-of-date Android OS versions

    With almost half of Android users carrying devices running out-of-date operating systems, the Homeland Security Department warned users they are playing with fire.

  • Data center outage adds to HealthCare.gov's woes

    An outage that hit Verizon Terremark affected the data services hub, rendering the federal and state exchanges unusable.

  • Higher ed networks 300 percent more likely to contain malware

    And the No. 1 threat is the Expiro malware, according to research by OpenDNS' Umbrella Security Labs.

  • DARPA issues cyber Grand Challenge

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will stage a competition at which network security systems would be judged on how well they automatically respond to security threats.

  • Army alliance to explore cyber science

    The Army Research Lab will lead a team hoping to advance the science of cybersecurity in the context of the service's networks.

  • Could NSA spying cost US control of Internet infrastructure?

    The leaders of ICANN and the rest of the Internet's technical infrastructure want to take its governance out of U.S. hands, and they want Brazil to lead the charge.

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  • Amtrak moves real-time route maps to the Google cloud

    Rail provider will feed GPS data into the Google Maps Engine to offer riders real-time train location data and station e-commerce services.

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  • 4 takeaways from HealthCare.gov launch

    What can developers learn from the bumpy opening of the Affordable Care Act sites?

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  • Power transformers pose weakness in the electric grid

    Large power transformers, which regulate voltage along the electricity supply chain, are soft spot in the power grid, experts say.