• Wind turbines

    Energy opens datasets, APIs to developers

    The Energy Department announced several new datasets and APIs, which will be hosted in cloud-based servers.

  • BlackBerry 10

    BlackBerry 10 earns FIPS certification prior to release

    Research in Motion has announced that its upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform is now FIPS 140-2 certified.

  • Tianhe-1

    China plans 100-petaflop supercomputer, and exaflops are in sight

    The Tianhe-2 could achieve five times the speed of the Energy Department's new Titan, but it won't claim the top spot for long.

  • Hurricane Sandy

    Can the cloud withstand a 'perfect storm'?

    It seems no place on the East Coast can avoid the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, but cloud services can weather the storm.

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  • Is government losing its taste for BlackBerry?

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement has dealt the latest blow, announcing that more than 17,000 users will switch from the BlackBerry to iPhone.

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  • Strategic technologies of the future

    10 key technologies for 2013

    Gartner presented its list of 10 strategic technologies that are likely to have a significant impact in the enterprise over the next three years

  • Tornado in the distance

    Climate Data Center sets its last paid dataset free

    The National Climatic Data Center announced that it has moved the last of its data sets, Quality Controlled Local Climatological Data, from paid access to free access.

  • Digital topographic map of mars

    USGS team's digital topographic maps guide Mars Curiosity

    Topographic maps, created by USGS, were critical in the selection of the Mars Curiosity landing site and the rover’s subsequent treks across the Martian surface.

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  • Telemarketing

    Coders called to a higher purpose: Blocking illegal robocalls

    The FTC is offering $50,000 to whoever can come up with a technical solution to blocking automated, illegal marketing calls.

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  • Cash

    Intell community wants to show developers the money

    A coding pilot would pay full price for apps that meet agencies’ criteria, ODNI official says.