• College student with laptop and smartphone

    6 IT trends to watch on campus in 2013

    Universities will need to bolster wireless networks, accommodate all kinds of mobile devices and learn to use big data to their advantage, experts say.

  • Doctor and nurse reviewing paper patient records

    NIST seeks secure platform for health IT exchanges

    The agency wants a secure, usable and comprehensive security platform that would help health care providers exchange electronic information.

  • M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

    Army wants software libraries for combat-vehicle training

    The Army is looking to develop software libraries that would provide common training features across several of its most powerful combat vehicles.

  • VA claims office

    VA targets paperless claims processing in 2013

    Agency has transitioned 18 regional offices to the new system with the remaining 38 expected to join during 2013.

  • Man running with mobile phone

    IPv6 boosts mobile performance, panel claims

    As the use of IPv6 broadens, mobile users should see gains in performance, according to a panel at CES.

  • Montana landscape with bison

    Montana maxes out IT deals with western neighbors

    Montana has pulled out the stops to form alliances with western states to share future technology resources, including disaster recovery, GIS storage and Web hosting.

  • Cybersecurity analyst at PNNL

    Energy lab, university aim to get next-gen computing ready for big data

    Researchers will work to ensure the next generation of computers and the methods used to run them can address the upcoming big data challenges, from climate change to energy management.

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  • View of Chattanooga TN

    Chattanooga tests ultra-fast system for disaster response

    NSF funds a project using the city's gigabit network to get real-time information to emergency crews.

  • Silhouette of computer user

    Researchers: IE flaw being exploited by group behind Aurora attacks

    Symantec finds similarities in recent IE exploits to other attacks by the Elderwood gang, whose activities in the past have been thought to be state-sponsored.

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  • stamp of approval

    N.C. cloud provider wins first FedRAMP stamp of approval

    GSA grants Autonomic Resources provisional approval to offer cloud services to federal government agencies.