• Couple talking to health worker about insurance options

    States health exchanges still face uncertainties

    States are building the infrastructures for integrating their exchanges with federal systems, but a federal data services hub for sharing the information remains a bit of an unknown, GAO says.

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  • DMV tablet online driving test

    States shift into high gear with online driving tests

    Virginia, North Dakota and Indiana are part of growing set of states bringing drivers exams and other automated DMV services to their citizens over the Web.

  • GOES weather satellite

    NOAA works satellite triage to keep hurricane tracking healthy

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration activates back-up satellite to keep storm spotlight steady as hurricane season nears.

  • Datagov expands toolkit

    Data.gov expands toolkit for citizen developers

    New tools from Data.gov include a catalog of APIs and developer pages as well as an open source data catalog.

  • Military drone collecting data to store in the cloud

    DISA to try again for big data cloud storage

    The Defense Information Systems Agency cancels a sole-source contract for advanced large data object cloud services after drawing industry interest.

  • Doctor reviewing xray images on computer

    Prisons turn to telemedicine for treating inmates

    Maturing technology and budget pressures make telemedicine a viable, money-saving practice for corrections departments.

  • Equinix DC11 data center in Ashburn Va

    Equinix expands East Coast IP hub with new data center

    The eight data centers on the company's sprawling Ashburn, Va., campus operate as one virtual building, serving as North America's largest IP traffic hub.

  • Man coding with Linux

    Linux leads in open-source quality, but risky defects lurk

    A seven-year study finds the quality of open-source software development neck-and-neck with proprietary code.

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  • Cray XC30 supercomputer

    Cray unveils a supercomputer for the rest of us

    The XC30-AC systems start at $500,000 and offer speeds ranging from 22 to 176 teraflops.

  • Tape backup library

    Facing a data quagmire, Nebraska puts storage systems in order

    Nebraska's Office of the Chief Information Officer has turned to virtual tape storage tech to tackle a growing data overload.