• Pennsylvania app accesses campaign finances

    Pennsylvania app accesses campaign finance data

    In a political season, Pennsylvania makes available financial information filed by candidates for state office to the public via mobile apps.

  • Space Station to offer same-day delivery of experiments to home labs

    Space Station to offer same-day delivery of experiments to home labs

    International Space Station partners are developing a terrestrial return vehicle that will provide on-demand, rapid return of experimental results and materials from the space station back to Earth.

  • Knox devices get NSA approval

    Samsung Knox devices have been added to the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified Program Component list.

  • NGA posts open gamification software to GitHub

    NGA posts open gamification software to GitHub

    The open source gamification software tracks game elements (badges, points, tags) for work pages or apps and provides a framework for providing awards/points to users or teams.

  • National Weather Service

    NWS powers up faster, more detailed weather forecasts

    The National Weather Service recently activated a system that quickly harnesses weather data from multiple sources, integrates the information and provides a detailed picture of the current weather.

  • PTO shopping for tech to automate acquisition systems

    The Patent and Trademark Office is looking for information on products that would help the agency automate its enterprisewide acquisition systems and processes.

  • BYOD of choice for Congress

    BYOD of choice for Congress

    Congress's phone choices are not exactly 'representative' of the nation as a whole, according to a recent survey.

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  • NIST funds research center on cybersecurity tools

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology awarded a contract to operate a Federally Funded Research and Development Center dedicated to securing nation's information systems.

  • Not all clouds created equal

    Genomic researchers compared two commercial cloud services, benchmarking their performance and cost.

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  • Coalition to reinforce civic tech in mid-Atlantic region

    The Chesapeake Crescent Initiative has organized a public-private partnership to help cities strengthen their technology foundations, harden their resiliency and optimize services.