• Dogs help police detect electronic devices

    State Police enlist drive-sniffing dogs

    Thoreau, a golden retriever, has been trained to find hard drives, thumb drives and other tech devices for the Rhode Island state police.

  • BOP seeks e-discovery devices for inmates

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons is looking for e-discovery solutions that can be securely used by inmates to view legal materials related to their cases.

  • Army wants unified system to manage exams, surveys

    The Army is looking to automate the management of thousands of online exams and surveys it uses for training.

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  • State seeks info on asset discovery tools

    State Department is looking for vendors who can provide asset discovery tools to track IT equipment and installed software.

  • Puppet Labs partners to automate enterprise networking

    Puppet Labs offers a program with leading IT firms to automate provisioning of enterprise storage and networking systems

  • NASA launches challenges using OpenNEX data

    The open data challenges will use the Open NASA Earth Exchange (OpenNEX), an Amazon Web Services data and supercomputing platform where users can share knowledge and expertise.

  • Commerce secretary pledges full embrace of open data

    The Commerce Department's acting deputy secretary pledges to put more useful data into the hands of business and industry.

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  • NIST forms new cloud working groups

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced three new cloud computing working groups to address standards and frameworks for cloud interoperability and portability.

  • What’s cooking at 18F

    Summaries of a few recent projects from the digital services delivery group.

  • Los Alamos unleashes HPC for unclassified research

    The Wolf computer system modernizes mid-tier resources for Los Alamos scientists.