Reality Check

Michael Daconta

Reality Check

  • Man in art gallery looking at painting depicting word processing documents

    DARPA's dielets and the prominence of provenance

    DARPA is using data provenance to track counterfeit electronic parts infiltrating the military supply chain.

  • Hadoop represented by elephant in a data center

    Hadoop: The good, the bad and the ugly

    Government IT managers should be wary of technology overreach and focus on Hadoop's known success areas.

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  • Frustrated computer user set poor requirements. Here's how to avoid the same trap.

    Poor requirements definition for led to consumer confusion in signing up for Affordable Healthcare Act insurance.

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  • linked data

    Linked data takes a leap forward

    The new version of the W3C Resource Description Framework will help government data managers publish their data as effective and usable linked data.

  • Doctor working with a tablet computer

    Stop the fear mongering over ICD-10: It's just another taxonomy

    The complaints about the upgrade to ICD-10 health care codes illustrate common misconceptions about the organization and characteristics of big data sets.

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  • grocery shopping

    What data architects can learn from food labels

    When the FDA and the First Lady recently proposed revised food labeling, they were refactoring information – a low-cost mission multiplier government IT managers can replicate.

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  • Netflix

    Big data is just a stepping stone

    Government IT managers need to shift the focus from the data producer to the data consumer and zero in on information extraction.

  • rubber bands

    Cloud hosting is not (really) cloud computing

    Agencies that resort to half measures in moving to the cloud will receive marginal benefits compared to those who use cloud-native applications.

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  • learning

    Don't go chasing waterfalls … or programming languages

    A programming language is a tool to achieve your agency's business objective; so be wary of the latest fads in niche programming languages.

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  • blueprints

    Reduce IT failures with good CONOPS

    A detailed concept-of-operations document will reduce IT failures because it has the ability to guide the development of the IT system.