• Localities make their plays for unmanned systems growth

    A western alliance aims to establish Utah as a hub for commercial use of unmanned aerial systems, while Oregon invests in its UAS test range and a California county lays the foundation for a testing facility for driverless ground vehicles.

  • Secure drone software inhibits hackers

    Secure drone software evades hackers

    Tech company Galois has developed a secure software solution that makes drones invulnerable to buffer overflow attacks, network sniffing, replay attacks and authentication attacks.

  • Robots march toward disaster response

    Robots march toward disaster response

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Robotics Challenge will test several designs from contestants in simulated disaster areas.

  • What’s keeping drones from taking off

    What’s keeping drones from taking off

    Despite an FAA proposed rule to integrate unmanned aircraft into national airspace for commercial purposes, technology has not allowed for safe long-distance operation,

  • Steve Buerger is leading a Sandia National Laboratories project to demonstrate how energy efficient biped walking robots could become. Increased efficiency could enable bots to operate for much longer periods of time without recharging batteries, an important factor in emergency situations.

    Sandia powers up robot tech

    Sandia National Labs' energy-efficient platforms could help any robots entered in the DARPA Challenge extend their battery life.