• Why SDN matters: The case for reducing complexity

    Why SDN matters: The case for reducing complexity

    To understand the potential of software-defined networking, it is important to have some context on its origins, how it is used in network deployment today and where the technology headed.

  • DISA cloud migration best practices

    DISA’s best practices for cloud migration

    The Defense Information Systems Agency released some helpful information for those migrating to a cloud environment.

  • 4 ways to shine a light on shadow IT

    4 ways to shine a light on shadow IT

    Automated management, monitoring and security tools – along with common-sense policies – can help agencies gain the upper hand against shadow IT.

  • overnments remain LAN-bound, but ready for the cloud

    Governments remain LAN-bound, but ready for the cloud

    A recent survey of 500 public sector technology officials finds that most government offices are ready to transition from legacy systems to cloud-based technologies and citizen-friendly software.

  • 10 public sector projects take top honors in GCN Awards

    10 public sector projects take top honors in GCN Awards

    Ten public sector IT systems, including federal projects to expand digital services to users on global scale as well as local government apps designed to streamline citizens’ online experiences, were named winners of the 2015 GCN Awards for IT excellence.

  • Adobe gets FedRAMP OK

    The Department of Health and Human Services granted Adobe Cloud Solutions an ATO through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.

  • USMobile

    NSA-grade encryption for mobile over untrusted networks

    The Scrambl3 app creates a secure virtual-private network that connects BYOD smartphones to an agency server to send messages with end-to-end encryption.

  • Public record requests made easy (for government)

    Public record requests made easy (for government)

    The Port of Seattle is using NextRequest, a cloud-based public records management portal, to simplify the request process for both citizens and the government employees who field the questions.

  • Microsoft ATO for CRM

    CRM, MDM services get FedRAMP approval

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development gives approval to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government cloud, while MaaS360 gets a green light from the Joint Authorization Board.

  • Using a private cloud for healthcare data

    How to secure a private cloud for health care data

    When considering a private cloud in health care, be sure to conduct ample research, develop a solid risk management policy and ensure that business objectives are met.

  • DISA updates draft cloud security guidelines

    DISA updates draft cloud security guidelines

    The Defense Information Systems Agency recently released a new draft of security standards as the Defense Department moves to a cloud environment.

  • Big data challenge for food resilience

    Big data challenge for food resilience

    Through the Innovation Challenge, the USDA and Microsoft are asking researchers to explore how to strengthen the nation’s food resilience by analyzing agricultural data.

  • 311 gets an assist from IBM

    311 gets an assist from IBM's Watson

    The Canadian city of Surrey is the first to use Watson’s natural language-based cognitive computing technology to improve 311 responses.

  • Air Force moves to microsoft 365 cloud

    Air Force, DLA move to Office 365

    The tailored version of Microsoft's cloud-based productivity suite will include improved email, instant messaging, desktop voice/video communications and user storage capabilities.

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