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Best Practices in Web-based Application Security

Security experts make it clear: The application is the new network perimeter. Agencies looking to ensure the security of their networks and systems need to ensure the security of the application layer. Fortunately, even as Web applications come under increasing attack, security professionals are developing strategies to address these vulnerabilities. In this webcast, a federal expert will share best practices and lessons learned in devising Web-based application security that is both robust and scalable.

Date: Apr 23, 2014

Time: 2:00PM

On Demand

High Speed Guard: Understanding the Business Case for Cross Domain Data Sharing Solutions

The need for information sharing across operational domains has never been greater. Agencies in law enforcement, defense and other public sectors need to ensure that mission-critical data is available to users across network boundaries -- quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. But they also need to ensure that those transfers happen securely. In this webcast, Shaheen Parks, an analyst with Forrester Research, will discuss the business case for an automated cross domain information transfer solution, such as Raytheon’s High Speed Guard.

Advanced Threats and Big Data: The New Cybersecurity Landscape

So often in our organizations, information silos keep us from sharing data and communicating the right information at the right time to stop advanced threats. Hear why a big data solution is an important part of a defense against advanced threats and ideas about what data sources are required across the organization for this analysis to combat these attacks.

Identity Management: Creating the Foundation for an Enterprise Approach

Identity and access management is an essential element of an enterprise cybersecurity strategy. The ability to control access to IT resources based on the particular requirements of employees or groups of employees makes it possible to maintain the security of those resources without disrupting employee productivity. But most agencies have deployed identity management in a stovepipe manner, which limits their ability to achieve economies of scale or to leverage the full capabilities of the technology.

Video Surveillance: Emerging Solutions for Securing Agency Assets

Please note that this webcast, originally scheduled for 10/16, from 2:00-3:00pm ET, has been rescheduled to 12/10, from 2:00-3:00pm ET. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013 put a spotlight on the stunning advances made in video surveillance and forensics technology and its use in law enforcement and security. The latest generation of video analytic tools and techniques makes it possible to extract valuable information with unprecedented speed and precision. In this webcast, Grant Fredericks, a pioneer in forensic video analysis applications, will provide expert insight into the world of video surveillance and forensics technology.

Improving Outcomes in Outsourcing Complex Projects

The public sector remains under intense pressure to deliver better results from outsourced projects. Delays and cost overruns are not acceptable as the demand to reduce costs, increase efficiency and speed delivery of programs and services rises. Effective management of programs from planning through development and deployment with technology partners is critical - and achievable. Gaining control requires improved visibility and collaboration across the project lifecycle, and across vendors. This webcast shows how utilizing proven techniques, best practices and tools can help you achieve these goals.

When SharePoint Really Matters: How to Achieve High Availability and Scalability

This webcast has been postponed from its original date of 10/24 and will now be broadcast on 11/20 at 2pm ET. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

SharePoint is an excellent collaboration platform for a global workforce. However, agencies and organizations with a distributed user base face significant challenges in providing fast and reliable access to all end users. This is not just a matter of convenience: Poor performance can cause users to lose their interest in and engagement, which threatens an agency’s investment in SharePoint and undermines its content governance strategy.

Maximize the Benefits of Virtualization for Greater ROI

The challenges of virtualized environments are driving the shift to greater integration of service management capabilities such as image and patch management, high-scale provisioning, monitoring, storage and security. In this webcast, learn how organizations can realize the full benefits of virtualization to reduce management costs, decrease deployment time, increase visibility into performance and maximize utilization.

Application Failures: How to Make Sure Your Agency is not Front Page News

Increasingly diverse and interconnected application environments are challenging everything we thought we knew about Application Performance Management. However, recent advances in management strategies and tools are providing provide new techniques for effectively managing modern application ecosystems.

Gain Visibility to Cloud and Optimize Workloads: Monitoring a Heterogeneous Cloud Environment

As more and more environments are moving toward virtualization, one common challenge has emerged—how to achieve the necessary visibility and control of a virtual infrastructure when managing a private cloud. Marvin Goodman and Ben Stern talk about how IT can overcome this challenge and manage a cloud or virtualized environment for optimized workload and superior performance in this brief webcast.

Emerging Strategies for Managing Mobility

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions are attracting a lot of interest. But many IT officials are asking whether focusing on the mobile devices themselves is ultimately the best approach to protecting agency IT infrastructure and data assets. Increasingly, agencies are seeing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology as a more cost-effective way to manage mobility while still offering users the functionality and accessibility they need. Join this exclusive Webcast for an in-depth look at these issues.

Government on the Go: Strategies for Leveraging Data in the Field

This webcast will provide insights and lessons learned from one of the pioneering programs in government: The Command Post of the Future. CPOF is an essential piece of the Army's strategy to provide commanders with a common operational picture and enable them to collaborate and share data. Col. Jonas Vogelhut, Project Manager for Mission Command, will explain how CPOF ensures that the warfighters have access to the data need.

Leveraging 21st Century IT to Extend the Enterprise

In this webcast, Chuck Riddle, CIO of the Government Printing Office (GPO), will share how the GPO is leveraging mobile applications, email outsourcing and server and desktop virtualization to make applications and data more accessible to end users – from the device and work location of their choosing.