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Building a Private Optical Network

Are you wrestling with the options of building dedicated, private networks or continuing to buy managed network services? This paper describes the advantages of a building a private optical network and the technologies to consider.

We Have the Capacity to Handle Your Back (haul): Wireless Solutions for Government Networks

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) wireless solutions are an ideal way to backhaul video imaging systems for public safety and surveillance purposes, national security and intelligence. This paper will explore the vital role that wireless solutions play for government agencies

Government Cloud Collaboration Services: Collaborate More Easily and Effectively While Reducing IT Costs

Like many organizations, federal agencies can drive progress through social collaboration. Read the solution brief to see how secure, scalable, cloud-based solutions can help your agency collaborate socially without any extra cost, complexity or compliance concerns. See how these tools can also help enable better decisions to be made faster.

The Power of Cloud: Driving Business Model Innovation

Although cloud capabilities offer numerous opportunities to drive business innovation, its potential beyond technological capabilities remains virtually untapped. Read the white paper to learn more about the benefits of cloud-enabled business models in promoting sustainable competitive advantage.

Key Factors in Modernizing Backup and Recovery

There is a definite need for better data protection solutions in today’s data centers. Learn the trends that have made modernizing backup and recovery an urgent priority, the key requirements for solution offerings, and how Symantec NetBackupTM appliances deliver a simple, complete, and cost-effective solution.

Manage Identities and Access for Continuous Compliance and Reduced Risk

Most organizations have invested in security tools and techniques. But layered defenses are not the same as building security intelligence into your environment. Read this whitepaper and learn how to provide value beyond risk control alone—with accountability and transparency for user entitlements throughout the user lifecycle.

Special Report: Business Continuity

If the unthinkable were to occur and your agency had to continue providing essential services and performing essential activities, would you know what to do and where to go? In most cases, the answer is yes. Today, thanks to lessons learned from past disasters and government requirements, most government agencies and departments have some type of business continuity plan that allows them to maintain critical functions.

Special Report: Rugged IT

The rugged IT market is about to get a wake-up call. For a long time, both buyers and sellers alike accepted the notion that buying rugged IT means giving up a lot of features that come with standard products. But as the general IT market continues to emphasize mobility and smaller device form factors, those lower expectations are bound to be revisited.

Economics Benefits of Cisco’s Cloud Strategy

ACG Research models a private cloud implementation of cloud infrastructure compared with individual virtualized data centers as a baseline. The model includes expected benefits from taking advantage of the end-to-end infrastructure and by optimizing services across public and private clouds.

The Transformation of Education through State Education Clouds

Cloud computing represents a revolutionary technological paradigm shift that can dramatically improve the quality of education for all students in a given state, from K-12 to higher education. Through the Internet, it can deliver the most advanced software and educational materials, hardware resources and services to students and educators in even the most impoverished or remote school districts in the state, without the need for advanced IT expertise at those locations.

Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities

Learn how your city can improve the efficiency of everything from daily operations to recovery responses in emergency situations, without increasing costs. Streamlining these functions are critical to providing enhanced services to your citizens.

Extending Security Intelligence with Big Data

This whitepaper details a solution that enables security analysts to extend analysis well beyond typical security data using real-time correlation for continuous insight, custom analytics, and forensic capabilities for evidence gathering.

Avoiding Insider Threats to Enterprise Security

This whitepaper outlines a solution that helps organizations securely manage and track the activities of privileged users, thereby reducing the risk of breaches, improving compliance and ensuring accountability.

Continuous Monitoring for Government Agencies

This whitepaper details how government agencies can gain a 360-degree security insight for superior threat detection, greater ease of use and lower cost of ownership.

Managing Identities and Access in the Cloud

The ability to share services and information with various departments, partners, customers and other parts of the business ecosystem is a major advantage of cloud computing. As a result, successful cloud deployments hinge on securely and efficiently managing individuals’ access to resources, and protecting data from loss or corruption.

Security Intrusion Prevention Solutions

As networks continue to grow in size, complexity and level of business importance, the potential for malicious attacks grows right along with them. This whitepaper presents a comprehensive portfolio of intrusion prevention solution that go beyond traditional intrusion prevention to provide multilayered,end-to-end security that can actually protect networks from attacks before they occur.

Consolidated Security Management for Mainframe Clouds

IBM Security and IBM Information Management solutions for security work with the IBM System z platform to allow the mainframe to serve as an enterprise security hub, providing comprehensive, centralized security capabilities for organizations with distributed, multiplatform IT environments.

IT Executive Guide to Security Intelligence

This white paper discusses how security intelligence addresses threat detection shortcomings and empowers organizations to maintain comprehensive and cost-effective information security.

Beyond the Next Generation: Meeting the Converging Demands of Network Security

A number of network security technologies have arisen that claim to be the "next generation" of network defense - but what does this concept actually mean? This whitepaper provides insight into what we can expect in the area of network security and how to leverage new technologies to meet today's security challenges in light of other considerations such as overall complexity and performance.

The Five Must-Haves Of Big Data Storage

Is your company struggling to keep up with unprecedented data growth? If so, you're not alone. CIOs now rank data growth as their top concern, and making sense of all that data is their top priority. Download this complimentary whitepaper to learn how your agency can handle massive volumes of structured and unstructured data.

The Path to Smarter Government

Rising costs and revenue shortfalls are affecting the ability of governments to meet the level of services citizens expect. The path to a smarter government begins with the budget and finance process. The evershifting landscape means that governments today need to rely on technology to help navigate its complexities. Download now to read learn how!

Accelerating Economic Growth and Vitality through Smarter Public Safety Management

Many public safety agencies need to do more with less and link spending to outcomes. The global trends highlighted in this report show the increasing challenges and issues confronting public safety agencies. This white paper describes how developing competencies in five key area can help public safety agencies more effectively do their jobs in the face of extremely important and difficult sets of issues.

Special Report: A Virtual Infrastructure

Agencies have to invest in order to achieve the kinds of efficiencies in their operations that both administration and congressional authorities are constantly demanding from them. Virtualization, with its inherent promise of being able to do more with the technology that’s available, is an option whose attraction is increasingly obvious. Although virtualization has been around as a concept for a long time, it’s only begun to proliferate in government as a result of mandates such as the Office of Management and Budget’s Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), launched early in the Obama administration’s first term. Budget pressures and other requirements, such as the need for agencies to boost teleworking, are now putting a focus on other technologies such as desktop and application virtualization. Download this in depth special report for more insight into Virtual Infrastructure.

Telco Acronyms Guide v2

By popular demand! The second edition of The Telco Acronyms Guide, is a handy guide to help you decipher the telecom industry’s acronym alphabet soup. Inside, you’ll find over 3,000 entries!

GameChanger: Data Loss Prevention

Although data security has long been an important issue in government, it has taken on much greater importance in recent years. The sense of urgency has been heightened by several high profile data breaches resulting in the exposure of personal information of tens of millions of military personnel, veterans and private citizens. Download now to lead more.

Identity and Access Management for the Real World

This white paper discusses a revolutionary approach to identity and access management, available through Quest One Identity Solutions, that actually reduces complexity, accelerates time-to-value, and enables the business to drive IAM.

Bring Your Own Device: How Do State and Local Governments Address the Proliferation of Employee Devices?

By the end of 2012, the number of mobile devices will exceed the number of people on the planet. And in increasing numbers, government employees are using their tablets and smartphones for work—whether or not their employer has a formal bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. Is BYOD a bane or boon for government? Find out in the complimentary whitepaper.

How Architecture Enables a Mobile, Work-Anywhere Government

This white paper will outline the main challenges facing government organizations trying to modernize their IT infrastructures to support improved service to citizens and higher productivity for their employees through mobile solutions.

Ensuring High Availability for Critical Systems and Applications

Read this technical brief to see how Quest SharePlex(r) for Oracle can help organizations ensure high availability of their Oracle databases to improve overall system availability. Topics include offloading reporting, hardware and software changes, and Oracle platform migrations as well as disaster recovery strategies.

IBM Rational System Architect DoDAF 2.0 Migration Toolkit

Users in the DoD, the aerospace and defense industries have created and reused model assets over an extended period of time for various projects. The DoD has issued a directive calling for the use of DoDAF version 2.0, making migration or rebuilding of these existing assets necessary.

Predictive Coding For Dummies

Increasingly, agencies are challenged with information requests due to things like on-going legal investigations. Agencies are required to produce electronically stored information (EIS) in response to these requests but, for many, this process (eDiscovery) can be time consuming and costly. This report reviews predictive coding technology as a new approach to document review.

Defining a Blueprint for a Smarter Data Center for Flexibility and Cost-effectiveness

IT managers must choose between spending to maintain existing systems and engaging in new developments. Analytics services can help provide insights into your data center to balance these demands and unlock greater

The Transformation of Education through State Education Clouds

Cloud computing represents a revolutionary technological paradigm shift that can dramatically improve the quality of education for all students in a given state, from K-12 to higher education. Through the Internet, it can deliver the most advanced software and educational materials, hardware resources and services to students and educators in even the most impoverished or remote school districts in the state, without the need for advanced IT expertise at those locations.

Mobile Strategies for Government

This white paper will review the benefits of a forward-looking mobile strategy, the challenges and opportunities of emerging bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies, mobile security, device and wireless provider selection, and how to ensure that a wireless network infrastructure supports mobile activities.

Smart Solutions: Stalwart Enterprise Asset Management System

A well designed, innovative asset management system can accurately track and account for organizational assets, while providing affordability upfront, and minimizing recurring costs. Review this complimentary whitepaper to learn how your organization can find the best asset management solution.

Snapshot: Information Sharing

Recent advances in cloud computing, mobility, networking and related technologies have helped government officials approach information sharing in new ways. Download this complimentary whitepaper to learn about the Digital Government Strategy and how it can energize information-sharing initiatives among federal agencies.

Fraud Detection and Prevention in the Public Sector

This complimentary white paper highlights the value of having a framework of organization-wide fraud detection and prevention to help discover and combat fraud before it occurs. Learn how a consistent view of activity in real time makes it easy to flag suspicious transactions identify existing or potential perpetrators, uncover schemes in progress, and document instances of FWA.

Building a Business Case for BPM – a Fast Path to Real Results

Business Process Management (BPM) initiatives are growing in popularity. With a relatively low investment in technology and resources, you can achieve huge gains in process efficiency, productivity, control, and business agility. Download this whitepaper to learn about a repeatable framework for developing a business case for new or continued justification of BPM projects – with the objective being to help accelerate the startup time and enable more organizations to realize success from BPM.

Recognize the Many Faces of Fraud

Fraud is big business. The range of fraud and the resourcefulness of fraudsters pose a daunting problem for those charged with its detection and prevention. Yet each of these criminal activities leaves a trail of behavioural and transactional data that can be detected to prevent future transactions.

Four steps to improving your security in the cloud

This whitepaper explores the effects of cloud computing on enterprise security and the associated opportunities and challenges. We will take a comprehensive look at the importance of security in cloud and discuss how you can use the technology you already have — such as SELinux and sVirt — to improve your security in the cloud.

Functional, Flexible, Fiscally Responsible Cloud Solutions for Government

Government agencies are finding new approaches to effectively deliver services to constituents – and manage budgets. Read this white paper to learn more about cloud solutions that can help these agencies take advantage of economies of scale and optimize workloads.

Integrated Intelligence Platform for Government: Focus on the Work, not the Tools

Without a unified work environment, government agencies can’t efficiently derive value from the growing volume of information available. Read this to see how integrated intelligence platform (IIP) for government integrates all the applications you need to turn data into insights. So you can focus on the work, not the tools.

Ten Cybersecurity Myths Busted

Firewalls and antivirus are all you need to protect your agencies resources. Fact or fiction? Download 10 Cybersecurity Myths Busted and you will soon know. This series explores tip and tricks to make your agency more successful in the ever changing world of networking.

BYOD in Government: Prepare for The Rising Tide

Read Forrester’s recent study of the use of personal devices for work purposes within government agencies. Learn what it discovered about use, policy and security concerns and gain a valuable starting point for embarking on the journey toward BYOD.

GameChanger: Big Data

Depending on how it’s viewed, big data presents either an enormous headache, or an amazing opportunity. The ability to sift through massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to reveal useful facts in real-time may help government organizations make better decisions that streamline operations and refine constituent services. Download to learn more.

Network Visibility

Managing an enterprise network to maintain predictable and reliable performance and security is a challenging task, always evolving thanks to federal initiatives and mandates such as cloud computing, virtualization and consolidation. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can proactively manage your complex enterprise communications!

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Data Replication Solution

Download this free, insight-packed business brief to see how SharePlex beats the competition in the areas that matter most: cost, simplicity, support, scalability, and productivity.

Memphis PD: Keeping Ahead of Criminals by Finding the "Hot Spots"

Read this whitepaper to understand how Memphis PD used smart policing tactics to reduce the overall crime volume in Memphis by 30%, making life safer for the citizens that were demanding it.

A New Approach to Security Intelligence

Today's security landscape includes a broader set of attacks and more innovative and targeted attacks coming from persistent adversaries. This solutions guide explores Splunk's unique security intelligence approach that monitors for known threats as reported by rule based systems and also watches for unknown threats using extensive analytics on system and user behavior.Read how security teams are bringing their investigations to the next level.

Cloud Services

Download this complimentary whitepaper to learn the benefits and limitations of IaaS, four cloud trends you need to know, and how to address compliance issues in the cloud.