4 ways to keep enterprise content management systems relevant

4 ways to keep enterprise content management systems relevant

An updated ECM strategy ensures information and process flow across the expanding government enterprise.

The insider threat in employees’ pockets

The insider threat in employees’ pockets

Five experts offer advice on managing risks when agency employees bring their own mobile devices to work

DOD Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateways

DISA comm kits offer secure mobile access

Defense Department mobile users will now be able to make classified voice, video and data calls and access SIPRNet through the Internet with the DOD Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateways.

Chicago busts bus bunching

Chicago is implementing a Bus Transit Management System to address the "bunching" that has contributed to inefficiency in its public transportation.

When your phone tells you to stop texting and drive

When your phone tells you to stop texting and drive

An app alerts drivers sitting at red lights in Walnut Creek, Calif., that the light is about to change and refocuses them on the road.

States go for mobile makeovers

Five states have revamped websites to offer better search, mobile-friendliness and improved citizen services, while a sixth is out with an Apple Watch app.

Navy starts migration from BlackBerry to Apple and Android

Navy starts migration from BlackBerry to Apple and Android

Users on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet may now begin transitioning from BlackBerry devices to Apple smartphones and tablets, with migration to Android devices expected for later this year.

Agencies responsible for text message archiving

Text messages sent from government-issued mobile devices, and government communications on privately-owned mobile devices, are being treated as public records.

Army Training Network now accessible without a CAC card

Army Training Network goes mobile -- no CAC required

Soldiers can now access the Army Training Network using smart phones and computer tablets -- with just a username and password.


No network, no problem: NGA’s app provides mapping without a connection

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Disconnected Interactive Content Explorer app gives users interactive maps even when offline -- and the code has been open-sourced for use by other agencies.

Behind the iOS app advantage

Behind the iOS app advantage

The curious folks at DigitalGov asked an expert why there are more government apps developed for iOS.

Are state websites up to the mobile challenge?

Are state websites up to the mobile challenge?

A look at which state websites are falling short on Google’s new mobile-friendly rankings and why.

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